Saturday, September 8, 2018

Life at IT's finess

Can't stop thinking bout you,

miss you when I'm mad,

feel sick when your sad,

kicked you out a thousand times,

but you never left the pad.

love is stickin together and figuring out this life, religious, future, thing,

growin old and actin young thing,

We parents now,

 grooming us for life, like we're just born,

learning how to walk, crawl and run, the way mom meant it,

the way it should be done...

I guess that's what our second chance at life is,

settling down and doing the family bid,

Time seems to tick with surprises by the minute,

Life with you is adventurous,

frustrating, exciting, scary and ridiculous.

I love you even when I don't say it,

you're my dream come true,

Thus far, we made it,

i can think of other things but,

this, I won't trade it,

might alter it a little,

learning from mistakes of old,

but then again, nah

cuz the now is our future together unfold,

2 fold, plus ten and so on, plus more,

take a look out the window,

opportunities knockin,

I'll meet you outside,

tie my shoes and start walkin

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sharin', Givin', Learnin'

Why do I give advice I can't take,
Make me feel like I'm fake,
Sound mind at stake...

Pluto, Moon, and Mars,
Light years to the candy bar,
Un-sheath my double-edged sword,
Cuttin' and protectin' on one accord,

Got common sense,
Make wrong decisions,
When my minds right,
I move with precision,

My focus can get blurry,
When I'm in a hurry,
Then I  see what I've done and,
It's kind of scurry,

Seek advice but take my own,
After days of meditation,
Knowledge seeds are planted,
Growin' echoes of vibration,

Feelin pretty spiritual,
Somthin' like a miracle,
Got me so excited,
Got me feelin' slight hysterical,

Captivatin' mind,
Captivatin' mine,
Sharin' words with strangers,
While I'm leadin' from behind,

Lead from Up Above,
Allah's Undying Love,
Pick's me up, when I am down,
Fits tight like OJ's glove,

Still, at times, I wonder,
Why I fall back into slumber,
Daydreamin' of the days,
When I rose from being under,

Reminded of abilities,
Of, come back possibilities,
Plateau on days of good,
Obtain and keep stability,

For now, I'll keep on-goin',
Givin' logical advice,
As the breeze of wisdom's blowin',
Comforting's the sacrifice,

Of knowing that I'll help someone,
In hopes it penetrates,
While in  the state of slumber,
What is given, I can't take.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Balancin' Act!!

I'm a psychopathic kind of sista,
Born as two coy fish,
Swimmin' in circles,
Chasing myself, never catching up...

I'm passionate about things I can't define,
Only to express them through words of mine,

Imprisoned mind, free to roam,
Going the distance and stayin' local,

Loco yet genius,
Extravagant and plus,

Mirror image description of being care and bias...

I'm clingy and cuddle with myself,
Want attention but private,

Spiritually engulfed in Down South holiness,
Actions like Middle East worship...

Migraine in my right brain,
Remedy in my left,

Tortured by second guessin'
Knowin' the answer,

Pickin' on myself to defend it,
Borrowed words cuz I lent them,

Assuming, then ignore until my suspicion was right,

Filled with insecurities,
Confidence surroundin' me,

I am my own worst critic,
Amazed at how wonderful I am...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dear God,

It's those things,
That make angels cry upon,
Broken wings they fly,
And fall below,

Scattered and tattered,
Scared and bruised,
Can't explain what's the matter,
But it's always you,

Who, lives a life of,
Being kind to those who don't play nice,
Don't play fair,

Coin flips in the air,
Lands not in your favor,
Swallow hard and savour,
The sour stinging flavor,

The taste that you're use to,
That makes your breath smell,
Everytime you speak,
They turn their cheek ,

Cuz, your so confused and,
You make no sense,
When sense is common,
At their expense,

Asking God when can you get a break from this,
The weakest link but strong,
Constantly keep it together,
Not knowing just how long,

He's testing to the limits of the tasks that I  can bear,

Complete/ rest/ repeat,
Seems ends sight is nowhere,

Why is this my bid, why's He chosen me,
Filled with much emotion that it's paralyzing me,

What more do I do, to prove my love to you,
Seeking all my days and question if I'm pleasing You ,

I know this life's not my own, and the things at my right hand,

Never bore the last name of another,
Besides the one who I called Dad,

My children are priceless gifts,
My parents love has branded it,
Loved by ones who look like me,
Those born before and after me,

I come to the conclusion that I'm similar to Job,
Accumulated things along the way,
Just to see them go,

I pray that I'm doing this right and You'll be proud of me,

And enter into heavan on the day earth sets me free.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

have a GOOD DAY!


It's destined to be,

A wonderful thing that's waiting

FOR me...

On the Contrary,

It's very ordinary,

Impact is Positively,


I feel it in the air,

I feel it in my bones,

Vibe of my surroundings,

Put me in the comfort zone...

In the street or

At home,

In your face,

ON the phone...

Mind over matter,

Monotony shattered,

Grumble and Gripe,

Snuffed out amongst the chatter,

Beneath all the laughter,

Above all the pain,

That's the beat they dancin' to,

Crackin' jokes,

Smilin' too...

I hope you're gettin' yours,

Because this one's all MINE,

So, have a good day,


Friday, February 2, 2018


I was raised, Christian,
Converted to Islam,
I knew why I did it,
But had no clue to what was going on…

I listened to people who knew,
Only what they were fed,
Had unanswered questions,
In the back of my head…

I wasn’t told some friends would stray,
Hide down the aisle,
When I came their way,

I think it’s funny,
Cuz, I do it too,
I’ll creep in the store,
Trying to avoid you…

Asking me questions like,
What’s that “thing” on your head,
Can I see your hair,
Are you bald, or have dreads?

A glimpse of my hair will never display,
What lies underneath,
In a physical way…
Cuz, wisdom’s like air,
6th sense, and 3rd eye, visual,
So, I keeps my head wrapped with this material…

Don’t you get hot, when it’s 90 degrees,
All covered up,
Wearing shirts with long sleeve?

90 degrees is still 90 degrees,
Regardless of wearing long or short sleeves,
I thought people shop for all different type fabrics,
Thin & light when it’s hot, thick & heavy change to cold weather dramatic,
Simple concept, mathematics…

You don’t eat pork?
Girl, how do you do it?
I love’s me some ham,
I couldn’t do it…

Leviticus 11:7 & 8,
And Deuteronomy too,
Were verses I knew as a Christian,
To remove pork from my fork and my plate,

In other words…

I used to smoke cigarettes,
Morning, noon and night,
Didn’t mean it was good,
To burn windpipe,
And fill up my lungs and cough up green shit,
By the grace of God,
He helped me quit…

Not eating pork, isn’t a Muslim thing,
Like black folks associated,
With eating chicken wings,
As if we invented it,
Brought it to man,
That’s a God thing baby,
I’m just doing what I can,
That was sent from above aforetime,
Long ago,
I jumped on the bandwagon,
And let that pork go…

Is it true what they say,
Women serving their men,
And have lots of wives,
Like roosters with hens?

Research, the history of how it came about,
Simple minds assume they know,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt,
As if we behave recklessly,
Fornicating randomly,
Like we don’t know subconsciously,
Bout practicing our chastity...

These are basic things,
With whom we can all identify,
From a dark-skinned sista,
To a fly white guy,
We’re all simply human,
Unique individuals,
We make the world go round,
Like a boomerang,

Didn’t come here to preach,
About the Muslim religion,
Just shedding some light,
In hopes that this will be the beginning…

To the end of the questioning,
Bout why we’re all different,
Embrace the similarities,
And stop being ignorant…

Life’s fingerprint among many faces,
Hues and features,
Decorate different races,
Array of generations...
Timeless scope of the past,
Brought forth to the future,
Bloodlines that last…

Morally or cultural,
Even Geographical,
The beauty of our heritage,
Is even metaphysical,
Amazing, supernatural,
Its natural,
The roles in life that we all play,
Significant in every way…

So, saturate and educate,
In hopes, these words will penetrate,
On consciences minds who have a voice,
Demonstrate we have a choice,

Accepting life’s diversity,
From babies to the elderly,
The only planet we call home,
Is everyone’s, free to roam.

When you see a Muslim,
Don’t dissect them in your mind,
Or fear they’re carrying a bomb,
Cuz a string’s hanging behind,

I understand the media has people really scared,
Directing all the focus,
From other evil deeds, elsewhere,

The worlds become a giant hood,
Political figures up to no good,
We’re all just trying to survive,
In this global genocide.

To the side,
With agendas to divide and conquer,
Rocking the cradle,
Mother Goosin’ us like bonkers,

Lullaby us with cell phones,
Walk around like clueless drones,
Pimped out in the Digital Age,
Our minds trapped in a virtual cage,

Preoccupied with InstaTwitterGram,
Bout gossip,
Instead of Poetry Slams,
Listening and building off consciousness,
Emotionally enraged bout this pompousness,
Formulating how to keep hope alive,
Spreading love, peace within this vibe…

I better chill for now,
Come back from my tangent,
Passionate about life,
I sit, cuz I can’t stand it,

We’ve come so far that,
Artificial is intelligent,
But the Genus got wiped out,
Wasn’t smart enough to reprogram it,
Society’s dissolving,
Backwardly evolving,
Wake up world and face this new day and age,

Remain in a virtual cage.