Wednesday, December 6, 2017

GOD help ME

What do i do when i can't HEAr the AnswerS,
To questions, that God only knoWs?
Why is the question,
Because of a question,
Result in my questioning flow...

RoaMing and seeking,
Dissecting the thoughts, collectin way back in my MinD,

I look in the mirror and see my reflection,
Of answers that i left behind,

Confronted reminders,
On familiar ponders,
Solutions resurface again,
The AnswerS I'm seeking,
Are words not for speaking,

But fasting and praying instead!

ONly Human, DuDe!

Sickening thoughts churn my stomach in knots tied up against their will...

Breathing in fog as i gasp for air, none to spare, my shallow panting won't make room...

Cold body, sweaty armpits, cool my uncomfortable skin...

Shallow thinking, deep in thought, contemplating on how to begin...

Bewildered soul, confused conscious refutes accusations of doubt...

Confronted by demeaning words, hold back to what wants to come out...

Humble disposition, family tradition of choosing ones words carefully...

Peering down the spiral of emotion will keep me extremely disturbed...

Balancing choices and weighing options,
To keep self from going insane...

When it's all over, remember I'm human and make mistakes unconsciously...

When its your turn to feel like an asshole,
Remember your response to me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

MADly In Love

Conversations with loved ones spent years with,
Turn into misinformation,
Bouts of frustration as Babylon scatters your language...

Can't understand why,
You can't understand,
Won't overstand and get overwhelmed,
Yelling in deaf ears,
Screaming in plugged one's,
Chose not to listen, 
Now you don't care...

One-sided, beside myself,
All alone like you,
In the presence of a once loved stranger,
Asking, if I know you.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yeah, that's ME!

Oh no, it's a Muslim sista,
Bout to tell her story,
Probably bout jihad or political controversy,
Maybe she'll spin off bout how her life was tough,
And turn up with emotions sayin how she's had enough...

I'm a typical, not average black sista,
American born,
Old school like home grown,
Hell no, I'm talkin bout weed,
And other types of feel good shit that make your mental bleed...

I like rock, funk, soul and jazz,
Heavy metal that drives you mad,
Boxing, baseball, and exclusive shit,
Writing, loving, I'm sick with it,

Eat halal food and a spiritual meal,
Get full, make room cuz my appetites real,
I Go deep, go hard and all metaphysical strengths,
Wizdomatic conversations,
Regardless of length,

I'm humble and stand out,
And yes, damn it i swear,
So before you continue to judge,
Think of what y'all whisperin out there,

Never claimed to be perfect,
Didn't think i ever was,
Just want to introduce myself,
And show you what i does!


Influenced by children to live life carefree,
Sometimes reckless, if necessary,
Never looking over shoulders,
Always looking forward,
Looking forward to wherever the day may take you...

Friday, July 7, 2017


It's about time,
Time to recognize the thing in front of your face,
That determines where you're placed,
Right here and now...

Are you happy, content and satisfied,
With the stressful upkeep on telling a lie,
About your job ir relationship,
With whom the migraine keeps you sick?

Paralyzed with fear of change,
Or rejection but shit remains,
The same struggle, the same complaint,
Acting like demons representing saint's,

Break free from chains you created,
Throw it 'round your neck and let it hang low,
Make a move besides your mouth cuz your agitated,
Drop that mic, let it hit the floor

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Dreams can be visions of fantasy,
Songs of reality,
Warning me about who to keep an eye on,
Telling me I'll make it even when the stress just piles on,

Over again, different scenes,  same scenario,
Thinkin while sleep about its truth as it unfolds,

Playing out shit like running naked down Main St,
Yelling at the top of my lungs, "they after me",
Lookin over my shoulder as the crowd's closing in,
Faces of snakes on bodies of chickens...

I believe Dreams are interpretations,

Of fears, hopes and future situations,

Be it far from me to know exactly what they mean,

Waken up after chillin with the enemy,

Sleep with one eye open after saying your prayers,

Z's start flowing all through the air,

Unseen beings manipulate your mind,

As the world of consciousness is left behind,

Contemplate and analyzing all the data,

Seems like a long time to recall whats scattered,

When your retelling it, the dream appears to be real short,

Abbreviatied story of the teleport,

As it comes out your mouth, it sounds so messed up,

Feeling embarrassed like, that's fucked up

In the back of your brain, its as real as can be,

Probably just meant for dreamworld reality...

Becareful of the thing you share with your friends,

Tight lips have potential to eventually unmend,

Keep your dreams close and protect them well,

Measure them with caution in the wind, don't tell