Thursday, May 18, 2017

Abnormal behavior

Sitting in a hot car, windows up, engine off...

I don’t know why I’m so tired and I can’t seem to stay focused on what ‘s in front of me.

This is getting pretty bad…

I’m no longer content, and can’t focus on as to what’s important,

What’s normal,

I get upset at the drop of a dime, I feel as if I’m losing my grip..

I don’t understand this roller coaster I’m on but it sucks!

Even when I used to go crazy, I had a clue, but I don’t even have that luxury anymore

I feel like such a rotten person because I’ve learned to dislike a lot of people and feel guilty at the same time.

I like who I am but I don’t know who I am.

I like the old me and miss her,

I like the new me but can’t believe this is who’ve I become.

I sneak up on my shadow because I don’t want it to fallow me anymore.

I run from myself, because I don’t understand who I AM!

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Speakin' wizdom to a fool, is like
Tryin' to beat the echo of your own voice,
Yellin' at a deaf man,
Wringing out denim by hand, 
Running under water,
Doin' cartwheels downstairs, 
Caring for someone who hates you,
Brushing teeth then drinking orange juice, 
Long trips on no sleep,
Wet socks in winter boots,
Dice without dots,
Unsweetened sugar,
Gloves without fingers,
One way street at a dead end,
Mowing grass in the rain,
Unicycle without a seat,
Fool's gold,
Diet water,
Speed reading upside down,
Vinegar without acid,
Glasses without lenses,
Clear as a color,
Stairs leading nowhwere,

An oxymoron...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

good Morning

Started off as a good morning, 
After yawning, 
Thankin' God for another day,
Another chance,
To be a better me than the day before...

Flowing thru my routine, 
Awaken day dreams, 
About today's short and long term goals,
Strategic plan,
With pen in hand,
Mapping the start of my course...

Two minutes in,
Downfall begins,
Ink slowly runs dry,
I look around,
And hear the sound,
Of sirens as they scream by...

They wake the baby,
Startled the cat,
Disturbed, my panic flys high...

I'm tryin to calm him,
I better pet her,
Now I start to question why...

How did this happen,
Why did i think that,
This would be a smooth day,

It never happens,
I'll try tomorrow, 
It could be worse,
Like they say. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alone and Guided

Back in time and current like Benjamin Button,
All of the 'suddin,
The world gets tipped on it's axis,

Note to practice:

Can't live by man made innovations,
Lead to the slaughter,
Dip at the next station,

Keep it 100 only you and God
Gotta clear my head from the steam and fog,

Asking why do I feel all alone,
Speaking in a language no one else knows,
Speaking bout things that You brought me through,
Testified within until my face is blue,

Odd ball like Noah,
Stubborn like Job,
Pray that I'm right,
And through guidance they'll know,

I guess it's a level that He's put me on,
Try to explain but it all sounds wrong,
Guess its one of His Mysterious Ways,
To teach us a lesson in this day and age,

Maybe this mission is a solo one,
Personal journey till this chapters done,
Trials and errors, highs and lows,
On to the next as my wizdom grows

*Faith is the key to the Oneness of God*

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Being Human

(Why is the very thing that makes you angry,
The thing to face to change your heart) ?

How as humans do we find things we detest,

To the point that we're obsessed,

And makes your brain feel extra tight,

Until you hate with all your might,

Then desperately seek God's Forgiveness,

When we admit it wasn't right...

Friday, February 24, 2017


Misfits bound for greatness,
Rose colored glasses with,
Kaleidoscope lenses,
Started with associates,
Now I barely have friends,

Paper and pen,
Alternative to keyboards,
Sea shore, washes up treasure,
That the vein ignore,

I dress to impress my consciousness,
I'm unique, a freak and I'm good at it,

Got high hopes in hopless situations,
Meditate and hold ancient conversations,
Feelin refreshed like returning from vacation,
Unwaverd peace like I'm high on medication,

I speaks intelligent,
sometimes derogatory,
I'll try to explain so you can fall-ow my story,

Familiarize yourself about the way i am,
The topic of your gossip,
The subject of your rumors,
I'm the reason for your yappin round' the water cooler,

I'm just like her,
She's just like them,
Individuality at the stroke of a pen...

We are the ones wearing chains from our noses,
Wearing nail polish on top of our toeses'

Covered in tattoos and studs in our tongue,
Dreadlocks and skateboards, we ride in the sun,

Blue haired ballerina,
Thick glasses, ripped jeans,
Petty crime misdemeanor,
We're clean and pristine,

Nappy, bald, redheaded and bold,
Birthmarks and freckles,
Dimples and pimples,
We're young and we're old,

Nerds, nerds, nerds,
Headbangers and no names,
We are the Misfits,
We're one in the same...

All ethnicities,
In our simplicity,
We're humbly artistic,
Narcissistic, Eccentric

We keep your attention by being ourselves,
The same ones in high school who sat by ourselves,
The ones who got picked on for being ourselves,
The ones who don't fit in for being ourselves,

The ones who intrigued you and all of your friends,
The one who put Humpty together again,
The Rubics Cube genuious,
From earth to Venus,
Two steps ahead in wizdom puttin,
Miles between us,

 We're the ones you think about,
The cool way how we get shit done,
The ones who you compare yourself,
And wish your life was just as fun,

We are Misfits,
We are the Mr.'s and Mrs of fits,
Always in the back of your brain,
We're so smart,
It's fucking insane,

We're the ones you can never be,
The strong and best at ev-er-y thing,
We're exclusive, ultra beings,
Envy of shoes you want to be in.