Tuesday, December 30, 2014

shoulder shrugginG

...endiNg on a SouR note...

Have you ever taken a lifetime to figure out,

All your effort is pointless to things that aren't meant to change,

The things you'd like to change,

But can't and never stopped trying too,

Never bend nor waver, just stay as is...

Things that Are important, but not meant,

Ties left for breaking...

Some things just don't add up one way or the other,

Like having 2 pieces to a puzzle with one spot to fill..

Or the combination that everyone one unlocks, but you just keep spinnin the dial...

SomEtimes shit just don't set right, but it is right,

Guess it'll b alright even when it don't seem right...


just have to Keep praying

RanDom thoughts...


...the two faced has two fits,

tongue bit over words of deceit,


un-unique are the ways,

you displayed.

May day, June day, July and so on,

All help is gone,

Same song, different melody,

Got muscles, strong like mirage,

Hallucinations on winning confrontations,

Needing crowds and standing ovations....

Saturday, December 6, 2014

...TalkinG bouT U...

Positive in a negative way,

To sway and incline you to,

Co sign their bullshit.

Vindictive and seductive,

Brave in Groups but,

Sing Punk songs solo,

Oh no,

The front was dropped,

Cover blown...

2 Faced, 2 toned,

Lies carry on like


So stoP, stop stop

Talkin, talkin, talkin!

Monday, December 1, 2014

..Simple trUth

Sometimes being broke gives me the comfort in knowing my bills are paid

Often, struggle tests my endurance

Occasionally, exhaustion reminds me of how hard I've worked

Seldom, I relax for fear of becoming overly confident

NEVER did I say this was easy!