Monday, April 27, 2015

Real Talk

Dear God,

I get it and I don't,

Some of the rules I believe are set in place as a common ground for all to understand and come to the conclusion how to live and to worship You,

Some of the religions have rules of there own that confuse me, making me question what it is that I'm really suppose to be doing,

How I'm really suppose to be living...

Free will tells me that its a gift  You gave all of mankind which allows us to make choices, based on values, knowledge and basic spiritual intuition which separates right from wrong,

Common sense and ignorance is also based on as to whether or not we were introduced or exposed to such, and how it was processed...

If I strip away the names and some rules of religions, this is what I've come up with:

To believe and worship You only and enjoy life to the fullest based on the basic principals set forth from those examples who lived before us that scripture tells us about,

And to fallow their lead because in the end, if we keep it simple, keep it basic but consistent, we will, God willing, please You in a way that we'll be,

Forgiven of our sins and mistakes, but also be rewarded for our efforts, according to our efforts,

If we choose to ignore, we get exactly what is coming to us according to the results of those actions,

If we choose to acknowledge, we get exactly what is coming to us according to the results of those actions.

So, I guess its safe to say that being ourselves is a blessing, but trying to be someone else, isn't part of the plan,

In order to remain truthful, we must live honestly and be truthful to ourselves because,

You already know what's in our hearts,

Trying to over due or over accomplish a set of rules takes away the genuine substance of the relationship that eventually develops over time,

When becoming conscience that You do exist and our walk of life proves to be personal,

Taking it step by step, will increasingly blossom into peace and focus on our dependence on You because, You are the Only One who Knows All, and has Control over all things,


Please, forgive me of all of my sins, shortcomings and trespasses and continue to guide me on the right path so that I'm forever pleasing you without confusion as to what man has sprinkled on top of most religions and considers Your Word,

Please bless me not to be ignorant or naive and guard me from my lower self and the ill actions of others as well as Satan...

I also ask this for all of my friends and family..

And if I'm wrong,

Please God forgive me and correct me,


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Spirits come one, come all,
Rise up or fall,
To the bottom and question,
Truth, expose lies,
Exposed eyes,
Reflecting shock and,
Awe shit,
Certain things ain't ligit,
Or appropriate,
Kinda like controversy,
Bow or curtsy,
And stand for that ovation,
Or dip out situations,
Avoiding circular arguments,
Curse you out,
Then repent...
The seasonings all settle,
On the bottom of the kettle,
Til u stir up the flava,
Outrageous behavior,
Leave them starin' like, "huh"?
Taken bets, makin wagers,
This bitch can't be fo real,
She freestylin some funny shit,
Talkin bout how religion makes her feel,
Some stuff a few can keep up with...
Got crazy wizdom from all parts of her dome,
Some stuff bout meditation and mental masturbation,
While she's keepin it clean,
So you might find out what she means,
Realms in different spaces,
Time in different places,
Gettin high off a cerebral spliff,
Have you trippin like piff,
Wiff, that bein said,
Scrambled thoughts in your head,
On dayz,
Grey like dull silver,
With pastel sunshine haze,
Praise Be To The Most High,
Beyond the earths sky,
Prayers travel far and wide,
Heart felt or just on the outside..

Tuesday, April 21, 2015, dot, DoT

Don't think out loud if you aint gonna make a move,

Prove to do what you sayin you g'on do...

Premeditated thoughts, tryin to,

Find a good reason,

Its duck season or more like Chicken's,


As you gawk at the way they walk,

Real talk,

Got more than one thing on your mind,

Talkin out yo behind,

The sun don't shine where,

Nothin grows...

I suppose,

You gotta get it off yo chest,

Or at best,

Get it out your brain,

Feel no pain, as you rant and

Rave, like strobe lights and fucked up people,


To the past,

Make me laugh as I,

Gasp for air,

Physically present,

Mentally never there....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

...Infinitely SHORT!

Time is like that

Mirror image that goes on forever,

Reflecting the present reaching the past,

In the back of now and beyond,

Echoing like waves of sound,


Distance full, reaching back to that starting point,

But continuing as sound thins out cuz,

It travels further...

(Deep) !

Monday, April 13, 2015

Please, plEASE, Plz...

You ever have one of those things happen that,

Seem too good to be true,

Kinda feel like a fool,


Somehow this time it feels real...

Undeniable with doubt,

Attachment but time to

Be out,

No way am I wrong,

Been waitin' so long,

To share familiar energy,


You and Me

Sunday, April 12, 2015


At the brink of insanity,

Calamity erupts,


Alteratin' transitions from,

Calm to Chaotic,

Exotic and toxic impulses emerge,

Surge, burst through in,

Crashes of silence to loud,

Destructing composure,

Exposure of feelings,

Wheeling of words,

Only heard inside your mind...

For a brief, then


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Staring at the mirror at this person who,

Has the same face as mine but she ain't,



Carries her sorrow around in my vessel that once,

Was fine when it was mine but now its,

Hers and all her curves from time not

Served on maintaining her physique,

Discreet is how she keeps her lifestyle,

Hiding behind eyes that favor mine,

But look inside and see how,

She, fronts for her man, well, sometimes she does,

Gotta keep him satisfied, keep him occupied for

The duration of time that he spends with her,

Putting him first, job second, children, then her..

People pleasing, goin insane, swimming in pain,

She created just to keep him satisfied, occupied so,

He can say what a good girl she is and how she's taking care of his,

Kids and,

How she holds down  job and.." damn, look at her..."

Yeah, distraction by attraction brought about,

Disaster sprialing faster within the woman who possesses my body,

That she made hers, with all her curves cuz she eats unhealthy, diets often and

Gets no sleep, stressed about his,

Heart races in her chest as she's

Watching the clock, and she, waits to hear the engine in the driveway about 7 min.

8 minutes later, he's with someone else,

Or, sitting in the car texting, talking to that chick that's more interesting cuz she's,

The one who aint worth clickin over when you call, waitin..voice mail...

Its ok cuz, its all in her head,

As she lays in the bed, falls a "fake" sleep and listens for his car...

No he's at the store or talkin to a friend in counting minute number 10...

I'm sure he went to get gas then saw someone at the store, he'll be just a little bit more,

She trust him cause, he's sorry, again and, he really loves her...if he didn't, he wouldn't have his things there and, take her places and buy her things like, rings and shoes, that's right boo,

Is what that bitch called him too...

Now its bout half hour past and he aint there,

That muh'fucka chillin with a bitch, gotta get a quick one in, come home and in the shower he'll run,

as if his whole bodies on fire, liar

He don't love her, she just a coffee table discussion, bout how, they look cute and got cute kids and, made a good life for themeselves, and she's a good girl but, he's a cool dude, even though he's fuckin her and that 19 year old too...

All covered in pain, tourtured she remains trying to make sense of where she went wrong and how its come to this...

Wake the fuck up bitch, snap out of it girl, this shit is crazy and it feels disgusting to be trapped inside the heart of a woman who has a soul of a lion,

Nah, not ness, mutha fuckin lion with balls hangin, king of the jungel type shit,

Posted up in the grass daring a fool to come close..

I'm yellin inside, my throat is raw from my screams getting harder but,

You don't hear a damn thing i said...


You wait fathfully for your owner, beg for attention then proceed to your corner, of his life

Waiting for that day when, he'll appriciate you in public, talk about you to his man and them,

and tell you how hes in love with you and your the only woman in the world who can satisfiy...

"look at the ass on that sista over there"...