Friday, February 6, 2015

More Bout Me

Life as I know it has been surrounded by

Religious do's and Do Nots

From the two majors in my life...

Christianity and Islam..

For those who know me,

I'm serious when it comes to MY respect and practice of

MY relationship with GOD,

For those who THINK they know me,

I'm just a confused simple minded person who's,

Hiding behind a man's idea of WHO i Should be...

I tell you this much, in my journey,

No one could ever identify with what lies inside my soul,

No Matter how many deep conversations I lost you in!

The ONLY ONE who EVER KNEW and SHARED that depth,

WAS my father...

Even then, HIS peers got lost and mezmorized by the depth of our convo's

What I know is...

I am ME...I represent the result of my choices in life,

based on my faith and how I practice...

ANd y'all think black people can't get sun burnt...

I am all that I am so,

whatever label you put on it,


makes for a marker of identification..

I'm both Christian and Muslim and I'm neither,

Figure that out!

I'm the Original definition which, most freestylers,

assume its the King James Christian...

I'm Muslim by definition, if your smart,

Enough to research the true meaning,

and dissect the word Muslim, analyze and,

understand what one truly is...

Still too deep...

Christians try to pull me their way,

Muslims are bias but stay neutral...

Some say I can't be both

when they don't even know what they


HE made me perfect the way I'm supposed to be,

Just like Stevie Wonder leading the blind with his music,

with all that he sees.

Opening eyes to the beauty of life's realities.

Jimmie Hendrix scaring the shit out of onlookers,

when smashing his guitar,

a legendary "niggah" paving way's for rock stars...

I am the envy of dare to be me, free and

lovin' who i claim to be...

I aint shit to most of y'all,

but i'm the shit to all of me...

Still consumed with tryin to figure me out,

thinkin bout why,

I do How i do..

I think its pretty crazy cuz I've learn to grow some more,

To keep an open mind,

and Bullshit, to ignore...

I don't think I was clear enough,

I'm complete baby,

wavy like sea shores...

I'm thankful for all that I have and don't have,

For what came from and about to go through...