Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Guess again...

One 1/2,
Top or bottom,
Left or right,
Regardless of which one,
You've laid a particular power,
Devour with dominance,
Stripping away innocence,
In a sense, takin half made u,
In control,
Full control...naw, except for a little,
The one where opportunity to break free comes from,
Wiggling in the middle,
With a glimmer of hope when self tellin u,
Shit ain't right,
Adrenaline kick in with that fight,
Then flight,
All it took was that 1% off the muscle,
U had 99 but,
She knocked ur hustle,
Now you tussle,
Actin like bitch, what got into u,
Ain't the going in part, its the shit that's
Comin through...
True colors, super powers call it what u want...
Past out a bit, but she woke in time,
Talk your shit how she ain't nothing w/o u,
Move on and leave it behind,
Never undermind, but overstandin,
Heard rumors bout the last one,
She's steady plannin,
Just in case u proved them wrong,
Remix to that same old song,
As long as she's smart enough to break free,
Go ahead and tell him it's all you,
Not she,
Justify ur ways, stand tall while u slouchin,
Truth is that she ain't gon' stay,
So, step back cuz she's bouncin.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fake Azz Ppl

Facebook faces,

New breed races,

Leave traces,

Of weakness...

In Disguise,

Fantasizing personalities,

Realized, by friends from your past,

Peering in your fantasy life,

New and improved clones of self,

Supersized, about your improvised lies,

To make new friends click likes in droves,

Based on stories they been told,

Can't hide the fact your popularity,

Is based on your Facebook personality...

Monday, October 26, 2015


Help wanted,
But no reply,
Struggling sista,
Enhancing skillz to apply,
For a gig, a career,
Fulfill a dream,
Though it seems,
Easy to you,
But not that simple for me...
Reaching out to whomever,
Likes what I writes,
Mastered punchin the clock,
Evolved to a new plot,
Wanna roll over and rack dollar signs,
In between commas from the words I grind,
If you have keys, please send them my way,
Unlock success, open doors today.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

As of YesterDay...

I yelled cuz u act like you cant hear me,

Noddin yes, Simon says wrap it up cuz I'm borin,

Snorin, in my face as I race against time,

Tryin' to stop u from self destruction,

The eruption was subtle cuz your mine,

Me whoopin u was a sign,

Of how although my blows were softly landin,

In my head I'm always plannin,

To save the pain I could've inflicted,

In time will bruise your mental...

Gentle, is your mothers ways, strategic discipline,

Effective medicine...

Though you brag to all your friends how your mom weak as hell,

The wize will only know,

Your shinin time will quickly fade,

 And all the dumb mistakes you made,

 Resulted from the games you played.

Some mothers like to fight their teens and I admit I've threaten,

But what is for the enemy, I spare you from THAT weapon,

I know that you don't give a damn, you always let that show,

You're a big girl, time to woman up, now you in control,

Keep in mind, your still my girl,

 And over us, you chose the world.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Blow the dust off this vinal,
Destination? final
Mixin and scratchin colors of cloth on my head,
I'm wrappin
Think about it, now pause,
Bein me, 100 with no flaws,
Gotta sass and class, choose one,
I'm gettin serious when I have fun,
I'm not a writer, I just write a lot,
Plus I'm a twelver so I pray a lot,
Compare me to none cuz its just me,
Myself and I'm livin so humbly...
Chumley, was cold like Chilly Willy,
Outwitting dimwitts never fail,
Country fast, city slow is how I is,
Eccentric and strange with my wiz.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Get There!

Believe in wishful thinking and dream of fantasies coming true,
Desire that which is attAinable,
Grasp what is manifested...
Live what you owe yourself
Die being accomplished!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NotE to self

When you're no longer concerned about my anger and become annoyed,
Then I'll question if it's me who needs to change or if you need to be replaced.

Monday, October 12, 2015

In The Meantime...

I wrote Iyanla today,
Bout some things I have to say,
Inshallah Iyanla may,
Respond to what I wrote today!