Saturday, December 26, 2015


Never relapse to conformity,
Stand out from the rest and make life interesting!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Then n NOW

Ever have those day's when being a grwon up ain't so cool,
Realising freedom and independence was better as a child,
Full of innocence,
Cartoons relevant,
Only worries was, making friends and avoiding whoopins,
What's for dinner,
I smell dad's cookin,
Loosin teeth was celebrated,
Acknowledged and congratulated...

Nowadays they get pulled out,
Satisfied without a doubt,
Replace them with a brand new set,
Framed in gold, swag ain't left yet,

Freedom now, is peace of mind,
Made it through the toughest times,
Independence shows stability,
Assume responsibility,

Cartoons can be relevant,
Based upon their innocence,
Making friends and still have room,
Whoopins end, we paid our dues,

Culinary I should've tookin,
Better smell what Roc is cooking,
Growing up is not that bad,
With the love of mom and dad,
Reflect on how it used to be,
Youthful serendipity.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Just cuz

Coming through every pore,
Spores of infectious, contagious,
Outrageous, addiction leading to submission,
Position, hustle lucrative,
Always positive,
Not to mention, pay attention,
I charge for what I give,
What I got, I produce mass production,
Flavor juice,
Don't get strung by the noose,
Struggling with the truth, as my pen keeps letting loose,
Hocus pocus, dr Seuss, Allen Poe, Mother Goose,
Different ways, all sides, crazy skills,
Sending chills, palm sweats, teeth chatter,
Head scrambled, thoughts scattered,
I don't mind, cuz it don't matter,
I got time like Mad Hatter,
Unbalanced, insane, from the poison in my brain,
Mysterious like Cheshire,
Refrain and desire,
Puzzling and on point,
Puff hookahs up in this joint,
Riddle all types of cool shit,
Mind fuckin the masses cuz,
Ize rulze this.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


I'm the pink elephant in a room full of tigers,
The only fork in the spoon drawer,
The tee shirt hanging with the sweaters...
I'm the loud one when everything's quiet,
Laughing when it's serious,
Scared when it's safe....
I'm happy among anger,
Hungry when I'm full,
Claustrophobic in open spaces,
Sweating in the cold...

Monday, December 7, 2015

On My Mind...

Innocent minds corrupted by greed and hate,

Adults, assault in grooming the youth for a fight that's not theirs,

Flares, of political tempers posing prejudice in the land of equality,

Monogamy, patriotic for a country preaching loyalty has soiled what it stands for,

What was fought for,

Based on color blind humanity, home of the brave dignity,

United States imagery, has teens confused by its mirage,

Massage, the feet of soldiers, caress the widows and children,

For their duties are remembered, and what's believed must be restored...

Society blames and point fingers, media reminds them to stay angry,

Children are urged to forgive, and they'd be a better man, if they did,

The melting pot: different is unique but we're all the same,

Now color makes you afraid, We're all alike and must go,

Even though it's just a few who ruined your point of view...hmmmm.

On summer days we're at the park but u can't play,

My skins too dark, my head is wrapped, stay with our kind,

Your mom forbids you from my kind,

While she's tannin her behind,

Red white and blue is on her towel she's laying on under the sun,

Tanning her skin until she's done...

I got that towel it's at my house, matching the flag the soldiers gave to my mom after salutes,

At grandpa's service in my youth,

So, Let's recant the American dreams of what they meant,

And what they mean,

Fix our nation from self destruction,

Lets re-Build with Reconstruction,

Restoration with a twist,

Of modernization,

USA can be a better place,

An undivided human race.