Friday, January 26, 2018

Seeds of Life

Life can unexpectedly throw seeds in the midst of our journey, that either grow, sprout then die, or never fertilize at all.

In any case, learn every aspect of ups and downs regardless if it's in your favor or not.

Be thankful for what you have and don't have, what is to come and what is to go.

Life is what YOU make it, so cultivate it, and reap the rewards of your labor!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Baby powder conspiracy,
Generations use it,
Found out it's not good for me,
But babies still promote it,

It's alright for needle shops to open up for users,
But forbidden to design a pill,
To heal abusers,

Black Friday and Christmas Day,
Made their way to Wall Street,
The news Announces spending trends,
In hopes last year was beat,

Social media,
Goin' viral,
Eatin' gyros,

Crazy trends of,
Now and then,
Or other than?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Day

Let's make the most of today,
Put things behind,
Things that angered us,
From yesterday,
For tomorrow,
Leave behind,
Some pain and sorrow,
But for tomorrow,

Bring today,
Mistakes we made,
From yesterday..

Don't be bitter,
Just get better,
Move on with the wisdom treasures,
Of past endeavours,
A future tomorrow,
Of time, not took, or earned,
But borrowed.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cold People, Cold World

Looks like these are the last days,
The words grown folks would always say,
They are here,
Or they're near,
So take precaution,
Soul washin'

Tie up loose ends,
Finish unfinished business,
Apologize to friends,
Why ill vibes ended up like this,

Pay respect to your elders,
Be kind to strangers,
They might be the only ones 'round,
To help when in danger,

Sign of the times,
Time is a sign,
Shows how fast we got here,
Future's next in line,

The futures next to now,
With gradual projections,
Virtual diseases,
Even doctors can't protect them.

Even government is shady against its own land,
When it tries to make laws for a racial band,

Media controlled lies of deception,
plaguing the viewer,
In strategic directions.

Life use to be happy, till I grew up,
To see that the world is really fucked up,
To know that protection was given to me,
By conscious minds in my family.

World peace is possible,
But who really wants it,
If you pick and choose bullies,
And help them to taunt it,

And beat it,
Abuse it,
For ego, or power,
Don' t you dare lose it,
In the media shower,

Setting the stage for reality TV,
Pointing fingers at others,
Claiming they're the enemy.

I love my country,
And don't hate others,
I only hate strangers who,
Harm innocent brothers,

And sisters, and mothers,
Fathers and all,
United we stand,
United we fall.

I hate the ones who blame a whole race,
When the nose as is wide,
As the one on my face,
When your lips are as thick,
As the ones on my face,
Riding on slave ships,
Staring at your forefathers face.

We're all connected in some human way,
Until hate is injected,
In a sickening way,

When will you see that it gets us nowhere,
No prize at the end,
Still, no one cares.

Hate is emotional cancer,
With hopes, it's in remission,
And stays away even when,
The ignorant petition.

We only have one life to live,
Let's spend it showing love,
Stop investing all your time,
Angering God above.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Freedom of Religion

Incision of vision,
Thoughts causing divisions,
Second guess tradition,

Formulate my mission,
Subtracting and addition,
Express the world I live in,
The tempo of my rhythm.