Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FooD FoR the SpiriT

My father, God bless him, once told me about a time when he was meditating and pondered


God is above all in such a way that there is no ceiling above Him.

Friday, September 26, 2014

WakE uP

One can be in a state of unawareness:

Like a spider lowering himself down in front of your unexpected face, responding with an inner jolt as your eyes focus.

Or blank like emotionless, your conscience has wool over its third eye until it catches your attention.

Can you imagine, the lost without direction,

Not knowing they wander,

The passive so comfortable,

At the world they ponder,

Like, eavesdropping on deaf ears,

It appears no ones hears the siren,

The blind can't see the flashing lights,

Don't understand why they're

Guided through the wilderness,

Cuz its comfortable in the,

Corn maze,

No faze, can keep you in a state of,



No defense, its intense and,

Conceivable for,

Someone alive but,

Not living,

Drowned out by the sound,

Of traffics human highway,

Blend in like camouflage and,

Disappear like chameleon's,

In plain sight,


All the noise that you make,

Real or fake,

Unaware that your there,

Like dead air and,

Luke warm,

Gotta break from the,


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Ever have those days when,

Karma came back around,

Collecting the blessings of selfless deeds,

or the curse of retaliation?

Privacy became a secret but you

weren't lying, you didn't tell cuz,

you were tryin to protected it?

How bout when you struggle to maintain,

strength through weak times,


got real nervous when things flow so good,

but you know you'll be the first to,

f*ck it up,

in the worse way,

forever shameful,

never forgiven?

What about those times when,

you felt so anxious cuz,

all is calm and you,

look for whats gonna make it go wrong?

Same song,

On and on.

...Proud Sista

Sexy is he

I can't deny

My man is fly.

Pleasing to the eye,

His mind is sharp,

His tongue is accurate,

Words timing of wizdom,

Spoken truth, non fiction,

Education his addiction,

God fearing and he shows it,

Cares less bout who knows it,

Respect it cuz he's still hood,

Righteous brutha,


Gangsta when he's gotta be,

Humbleness unconsciously.

Love my man with all my heart,

Jealous say,

I'm not too smart.

He's too flashy,

Got boasting ways,

God blessed my man,

Whats left to say?

He made his way,

From Z to A

Rightly guided,

Along the way.

Ain't no secret,

He'll put you on,

Just gotta work,

And stay head strong.

And finalize,

Your made up mind,

Look forward,

Not behind but,

Remind yourself,

Of where your from,

Measure progress,

And rise above.

My man is sexy,

My man's a ten,

Before all this,

He was back then.

I love my man,

My man is he,

I'm proud of him,

Mos Definitely.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

..Not Done Yet

Can't believe I'm here..

Took a while and some discouraging words,

Oh i'm sure you heard,

What they say,

They say that i'm too this,

And i'm too that but,

Little do they know, they're right!

I am all that they could never be and then


I am the disappointment to ones who gave up,

The envy of lip service,

And feared by those who I've past.

Little do they know,

I'm still me

From the top of my dome,

To the tip of my toe,

I'm all me baby..

I ain't never change,

Just learned my own game,

Enhanced my skills,

Yes, God blessed me to build

Words out of verbs and,

Smooth action like nouns,

How profound am i to me,

A sophisticated lady,

Food stampeded for a while,

Got a couple Similac childs,

Been beat, then beat ass,

Got cheated on and still,


Some of yall know where,

I'm comin from.

Not egotistical,

Keep tight on the elliptical

No competition,

I'm my own,

Pay attention

Yes I mentioned,


Little do they see,

I love being me,

From the triumphs and


Work in progress,

Watch me proceed.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


What we've done and how we lived,

Did you take more than you give?

Did you pray to Oz or Wiz,

Fairy tales you heard as kidz.

No brains or hearts, no courage too

Just moving on, just passing through.

Whats the mark of what life's made,

You had access to all your days.

We have a chance to change,

Re think, rearrange,

Or remain the same, no gain


Some people have issues,

Others got real problems,

Most people want attention,

From others so, they rob em'

With lies and stupidity,

Internet sold virginity,

Damn shame, I complain,

In a backwards community,

Mothers turn into Gramma,

Before their girls hit puberty.


We're all adults now,

See results how,

You raised em up and showed them off,

But they ain't cute now.


Went on a tangent,

On how we spend our dayz,

Consciously dead or numb to this shit,

And coal runs through our veins,

Most just ignore it.

Life is getting realer,

Peeps, we're getting old

The mysteries of life and death,

Are pages that unfold.

Get heads out of asses,

Grudges out your past,

Wake up and smell the smoke,

The time candles burning fast.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Deeply high,

Above the rain, below sea level.

On point like,

Tip toes,

Quick, slow is the tempo,

As I go though rhythmic cycles of,

Thoughts, contemplation's, meditation

and shit.

Private and noticeable,

Screaming in whispers,

So the quiet hear me.

Tryin daily to make,

My spiritual connection,

Protection from life's lies and deceptions,

Contraception from infectious people,

With sick ways.

Keepin up with times, runnin out of,

Time that I don't have on my hands,

Cuz it washed off with yesterdays filth.

Wandering with road maps,

Got lost in the right place,

Sharing space and crowded at the same time.

It's mine,

Lost my damn mind cuz I was too blind,

When I noticed everything the first time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Think Like a Child

Like untainted children playin in the park,

On a gold summer day,

We play all day!

A fun game of tag, cartwheels til we'er dizzy,

All the spinnin around got my head feelin fizzy.


Get money from dad and chase down the truck,

Push ups, bombpops, how bout snow cones

They're only a buck.

Or just get the foot with the gumball toe,

Let it melt down our arms

Cuz we're eatin it slow.

Lets check on the girl who was stung by a bee,

Til the boy in the sandbox told her mommy, "come see"

Take turns on the bike of the new cool kid,

That's nice that he shares,

Cuz all of us did.

There goes the man with his cart,

And bag full of cans,

Make sure that he gets,

The ones from the van.

Here comes the girl who spits when she talks,

Doin hand springs and back flips,

While her mom and dad talk.

There goes the boy with a bird for a pet,

Says he's getting a dog,

But it aint happen yet,

Lets grab all of the buckets,

And we'll start to dig,

Build a humongous castle,

On top is a twig,

For the flag.

And the leaves will be curtains for windows,

Put Barbie in this one,

We'll pretend she's Rapunzel.

The Wookies are guards,

The Tonka's our tank,

I'll be right back guys,

Gonna go get a quick drink.

Its time to go now,

Mosquitoes are out,

The parents are calling,

Calling names in a shout.

But lets all jump in,

Knock it down to the ground,

Then all say good bye,

Hope to see you around.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tick Tock

Gotta hurry up and get home so I can,

Get the mail, pick up girls and,


Gotta check home work, how was your day,

Flip laundry, gotta make dinner,

Phone rings...

Gotta make dinner, home work help,

Fold clothes, make lunch for Mr.'s lunch break,

At 8, second shift,

Gettin pissed, getting late, gotta,


"Hey baby, hows work, she got an A,

Get out my way, you might get burned,

When will you learn, now go and play".

Foods done, just chow it down, the babies frown,

You gotta go, they miss you so,

Have a good night...

Girls, clean your plates, its getting late,

Its shower time, gather your things,

Lay out your clothes, to bed you go,

I'll crack the door...

Clean up the house, and fold the clothes,

Another load, stubbed my toe,


Damn, its getting late, its 12:08am,

My work is done, chasing the sun...

You just got home, I just lay down,

And fell asleep, and in you creep,

I heard the beep,

When, you lock the car, took off your shoes, and came


Stop, don't tickle, its 10 past 3am, don't make me laugh,

You'll wake the girls...

Yea, I miss you too, I love you more, now shut the door...

...What? yea I'm up, hop in the shower, I got an hour,

It's breakfast time, get on the bus, now little one,

Lets greet the sun...

We'll brush our teeth, we gotta go, let's change your clothes,

Now off you go, be a good girl and listen too.


I'm on my way, another day,

To work I go, no time for fun,

Just chasing time, til time is done.

Hey You...

When's the last time you wake up smilin',

No bills pilin',

And peace in your heart feels so good?

When's the last time you,

Went for a walk,

Herd birds talk and,

Said good morning to the sun?

Like a drum,

Beat your feet on the pavement of life's journey,

And welcome new growth by mistakes.

Experience bad and good just to make,

A good story to tell those who'll listen.

Try not to complain through the pain of,

Reality, revealing that You're unique,

But the same as everyone,

In a way that separates and unites at the same time,

By the divide of thought, location, and belief.

Good Grief,

Its a shame to think in the span of a blink,

For granted we take life's mirror image of death,

In a breath, and a gasp of air is the difference of,

Our first or last.

Enjoy it while it's here,

Cheer and,

Throw a party for wakin' up,


No bills pilin'

Peace in your heart feels so GooD.

And go for a walk to hear the birds talk,

Or pretend and just act like you could.

Say Good morning to the sUn,

Like a drum,

Beat your feet on the pavement of Life's Journey.

Make lots of mistakes, grow,

Could be worse so Give thanks,

Amd tell your good story, I'm listenin'!