Saturday, January 31, 2015


WE all realize no one likes to READ,

Unless its useless information who's,

Stimulant is violence, gossip, or

anyOther situation that doesn't generate,

food for thought or growth...

TheSe same people,

Voice their opinions on current events,

and sounD stupid when they don't know,

the whole story,


Try to EDUcate off ideas instead of,


THESE are the people who are giving birth to our,

Nations future...

Start EMPOWERING the weak by,

ENCOURAGING the strong,

to lend a hand in building a solid foundation,

For Our Babies

and STOP leading them blindly,

to SELFdestruction and,

extinction of  noble representation,

Base on our forefathers legendary,


Thursday, January 29, 2015


iF THE  little voice inside your head,

is screaming,

Let your mouth be the microphone...

Free Your Mind,

Express YOUrself!

Monday, January 12, 2015

..MighT be YOU...

Pickett fences, surround the house of the,

American Dream successor,

Professor, graduated, on time with classmates,

Career sets off in the right direction at the right time,

Cat, dog, daughter, son spouse and,

All'a that...

Accomplished is where its at...

I never did, nor have I diverted from the path of success,

To my distress,

College was far fetched when family happened first.

Got a cute apartment and a part time job,

Part time drug dealer was babies part time,


American Dream is what I had,

But wondered why I struggled to make it,

Did the best I could, then I

Tried to fake it,

Make it, seem as if everything was going in the right,


Connection to confusion,

In a battle I was loosing, trying to attain this,

Dream, beginning at age 18.

My life didn't look like it did on TV,

Even after I copied them cuz,

I knew it could be me..

No one ever told me life takes different turns,

And you can arrive at the same place, 

Not always at the same time.

With that in mind...

I am that poor young single mother,

On welfare,

Who cares,

Got a job and clean credit,

Some lifestyle changes had to edit,

Bout to move in to a house with mortgage,

Oh, no, not a landlord,

I'm paying for it,

Never finished college but tried like hell,

Wasn't good at it cuz,

I couldn't spell

I can write though,

I'm cute and witty,

Adaptation in my blood,

From country to City.

Keep God in the forefront,

Negativity in back,

I'm accomplishing the "American Dream"

Chased through the front door and,

Out the back,

Sling shottin' my past,

Into the future,

Revivin' dreams that got knocked out,

By systematic society,

Priority, is to continue til,

The last breath in me,


I will attain, the status,

That's always been,

Growin' right inside of me,

Always been, a super force,

In the making,

Takin' what God gave me,

And generatin' how its,

Meant to be,

My assistance, is


Yeah, I said it,

To the lifers,

Sounds scary,

Didn't bore babies to continue a trend,

Of conditioning their dependence,

Making HUD a lifetime goal of,

Children who are women and men,

By gender,


 And make a way to live out side,

The circle,

That's makin' you dizzy,

And pukin up purple,

Haze, dazed by the American Dream,

That's just a blue print,

Of a strategy,

Subject to change,

If you move strategically !

Friday, January 9, 2015


RECognize me, my name

Has has 2 D's and E's,

Placed in the middle and end,

Love to write since the age of 10...

Never knew my past time was a skill,

Replaced my voice with script,

If you can't listen, then

Read it,

Silence is platinum,

My words are golden,

Creating new spelling,

And meanings I've chosen,

To express what I feel, and

Say what I know,

Do what I like,

Cuz I'm in control,

My brain is my Canvas,

My thoughts are my muse,

I beg all your pardon and

Make no excuse...

I've cheated failure and accomplished goals,

Bore my babies when I

was too young and too old,

Gave my heart to a fool who,

Thought he was clever,

Gave my heart to a wise man,

Who treated me better.

My lifestyle ain't cookie cutta,

No picket fence in my yard,

Had 2 pitbulls on a chains,

Who we left in charge.

My minds in the gutta,

But ain't clogged with no leaves,

My Wizdom sometimes shocks,

And impresses me,

I'm Humble and conceited,

I'm the best in my world,

AGain, Compare me not,

But feel free to Judge,

Not ready to stop...

Gen X old school,

With back in the day swag,

And a twist of 2000 "what"

High heel Timb's,

My cuffs don't drag..

Wrap my head up tight,

And let my scarf hang,

To the left or the right,

Its just a ME thang!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

..Off the TOP of my DOme


Achoo! Horton hears a,

Who's that living on that flower,

Hours, seem like seconds,

To others, minutes seem like days,

Ways, to show the importance of our world,

The importance of our being,

That you may not realize your a spec,

Detect, how you treat,

People, places and things...

Vibration travels in sound waves,

Mirror images reflecting forever,

Clever, minds think similar,

Brilliant minds are collectively unique,

As I speak, on the topic of,

How you function and what it does,

To you and your surroundings,

Pounding, rhythms of life beats,

In the streets of the seen and unseen

The known and the never knew.