Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Sometimes life throws a huge glass of ice water in your face to take your attention away from all that preoccupies your mind.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I have eyes that see what I see,
What I see, is as far, as my eyes can see,
From Infinity to beyond,
Hard as steel and teflon,
Hard to see, way beyond,
Microscopic phenomenon,

With my eyes closed up tight,
My mind is a muse,
No excuse, introducing imaginary,
Abuse, of beating drums and crashing cymbals,
Break dancing, graffiti symbols,

Work of art, upon a train,
Or brick canvas, buildings stained,
Expressive thoughts are put to life,
Reppin' pleasure, struggle and strife.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Religion vs Humanity

Devotional insanity,
Daddy taught me right then,
Islam sound good to me,

You see...

What I believe and what I've concluded is there is only One God and many religions, many languages...

I'm not whole or complete w/o one because wizdom bonds the two in my soul, minus man made ignorance and trickery of Shaytan the deceptor...

My understanding is that of The limitless, timeless God has spoken through the ages to mankind. His words never go out void, therefore, they are as good and pure now, as they were then...

Being the ego of man has favored control and dominance, rulers either made rules against the messengers of God and His rules to gain control of the masses, or embraced the message sent forth from The Almighty.

The message among man became diluted and altered, leaving the only genuine, original and purity of His word, scattered and scarce except the original, traceable and authentic literature which holds the truth.

Both culture and ego has been cursed by passing down the distorted message to generations, while those who've preserved the truth were the minority who've fought to protect it.

Although culture and diverse backgrounds displayed differences in practice and worship, the truth remains the same...

Religious wars have been fought to either defend or eliminate one another...

Literature has been altered, defaming the very words Our Father has Spoken, only to be replaced by the elite cons among men.
Like a symbolic tower of Babylon, the division among man distorted the original identity...Oneness of God

I rather not label my belief, but simultaneously call myself Muslim by way of definition: a slave of God

I was put here by His will and no one else,
Therefore whatever God has planned and sees fit for me, He's already designed me according to His blueprints. If I choose to submit to God, all will go according to His plan. If I choose to rebell, all will go according to His plan, regardless...

Remember, He sent messengers to be an example of how we are to live and earn His favor so the map has been set before us.
As it's been said, " many are called but few are chosen", leaves me to believe my faith in Him has accepted the position of being His instrument.

I know that God has no limit or limits and I know if he wasn't the truth, life itself would be a lie. There would be no reason for the preservation of history to learn from b'cuz it wouldn't matter.

Race is a variety of physical armor, He saw fit to clothe us in, but it's the evil of man that results in hateful destruction among populations. It's calamity of present days we reap, paying for what our forefathers have sown...