Friday, January 27, 2017


Blank letters form words on wet pages, where fragmented sentences make sense to all of those who read them,

Seed them, planted in feeble minds, producing thorns and dead leaves sprout, creating thoughts and brainstorms,

Use big word vocabulary uncommon to the common man who can't understand, questioning the destiny of your logic,

Labeled as misfits cuz they still ain't gettin',
Wonder why you shared it in the first place, just to be looked at like a visitor from space, cuz they can't comprehend, blank words from a pen on wet pages of fragmented sentences that make no sense because they cannot read them.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spoken WorD

Why do poets use metaphors like half-empty glasses and opportunity knocking at doors...

Keep people optimistically confused, imagine walkin' in their shoes...

Why poets gotta speak so deep, like sunken feet deep or through the ocean floor deep, like that ain't been said before...

Is this the art of obsession with expression,  psychs, and physics, self-induced critics, anxiety-polar-manic, oddball and good at it, unique and charismatic, drive stick, autopilot and matic...

Showing you reflections from the other side of the mirror, creating static cuz it's coming in clearer, nearer to close is as far is away, finding more clever things to say clever ways!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dear Misogynist,

Shut your damn mouth so I can speak...

Your volume is so loud that it's irritating, making scenes, yelling bout privacy and statin' our business, like someone's thinking that hard about you...

Grabbing for insults when the truth avails, slick ass comments rain down like hail, thinking you puttin' somone on blast, until you notice whose got the last laugh...

Now you done ran and told all your boys, complainin' all female in your bitch-like voice, when all the while, they can plainly see,

It was all you, and never me.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's a dAily thing

I'm so strong that...

Shaytan constantly tries to bring me down,

Make me frown,

Instigate thoughts on played out scenarios, 

Think I'll act out and crazy hysterical...

I'm so beautiful that...

I'm judged for my mind when i shield my beauty, 

Wondering why i don't show off my booty,

Got first class but can get real ghetto, 

Most of the time I stay chill and mellow,

I'm so me, like...

That Yin as i ballroom dance with that Yen,

Spin like top on tip toes,

Soft like afro,

See how that goes...?

Armed with pen

Thursday, January 19, 2017

...dust don't settle on things that move!


Discomfort and tension,
Questions everlasting,
Decision revisited,
Second guessing for the umpteenth time...

Everyday at the crossroads,
Bow and arrow,
Shootin crossbows,
Love struck for another,
Feelings show...

Grew up together, settled on similarities,
Constant looming casualties,
We admit, we'll break hearts,
Fell in love, no fell apart...

Paying back for mistakes made,
Nothing owed, cleared the way,
Ended up like this today,
Saw it coming, years-yesterday...

Why we stay and never left,
When we knew its for the best,
Struggling to stay together,
We should've never been together...

Been like this since minute one,
Tension of this awkward thing,
Two strangers, made a family,
Still don't know you, don't know me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

...checK it...

The weight of the world on ones shoulders is, equivalent to the wear on the treads of his shoes, and roads traveled.

Eye rollin'

Ever have that feeling of,
That weighs so heavy on your mind,

Causing migraines with a tempo of,
Pulse, echo and ringing,
Stinging your patience and,
Testing your kindness...

Although silence is gold plated from,
People who've stated that they would be,
There for you,
But when it's their turn you come thru?

Stumble upon your reflection in a puddle of tears,
Watching your worth flow in waves,
Then you sit back, exhale and relax,
Realize that it's all in your brain!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Misery's Symphony

The pinch that makes reality real,
Emotions set in motion, 
Words hit hard as steel...

Torn between doing the wrong and right thang,
Choked up on lyrics of sad songs sang,
Tears burn and sting with strength...

Clench your jaw so you don't swear, 
Building thoughts of I don't care,
Heavy posture's a pain in the neck...

Don't do things you might regret,
Don't hold dreams you might neglect,
Stress weakens the mind...

Pray for things with all your might,
Not answered just don't feel right,
Better off alone.