Thursday, November 26, 2015


Don't shit where u eat,
Don't piss where u sleep,
Never let em' know what ur thinking,
Keep em' guessing,
Whisper while they yellin'
Tip toe when they stomp,
Sit back while they romp,
Leave when u had enough,
Of the children when they playin rough...

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Imagine sweet dreams on a bed of nails,
Then being woken up by the hour glass time clock,
To an unpredictable day with ambition,
Routine mission,
Working towards the things I'm wishing,

Trippin' over milestones, set back by brainfreeze,
Wheeze, as I breathz,
Hyperventilating off anxiety,
Exciting me,
My life's finally takin' off right in front of me,
Birthday wishes & shootin' stars comin' thru,
Dad's encouraging words, always true...

He told me one day I would make it,
Write all my thoughts down and never fake it,
Be true to self, Lord knows above,
This gift I have, ordained with love.

Young, old, no name, fame,
If you never try, you'll never be,
But left to blame,

Kick back on timelines progressing history,
Fast forward to today cuz the presents meant to be,
Float like a butterfly, quake like the earth,
Potential is the limit,
Been prepared since birth,

Write about the man who's proposing to his lady,
Or about the one who went stone cold crazy,
Share a lessons learned, teach kiddies to behave,
Or stupidity will rock them to sleep in early graves,
I'm not an expert, just enjoy story telling,

I'm def with selective hearin,
So please stop the yellin,
Brushin up on skills,
Time to kill like a felon,

Suburban country girl, no fake accent,
Mature immaturity,
Brown skin minority,
No click or sorority,
Halal snackin eatery,

Wipe bullshiz off my shoes after we cross paths,
Stepping through your mind thinking I won't last,
Might be a season but my words are life long,
How'd what started this poem,
End up like a song?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kendrick broke out and then,
Hid every lock,
Chose to break free from the time cage,
Tic tock...

Like Mary's life in the sunshine,
Expressing herself state of mind,
Choosing no longer to stand behind,
Speechless movements known as a mime...

Open your mind, let your spirit flow,
Producing heat waves with a natural flow,
Expressing yourself x's infinity,
Artistic beauty, serenity.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Make new friends, stick around,
Till they're old,
More precious than gold,
Is how the story goes,

Live fast, love young,
Keep rising like the sun,
Shed immaturity like snake skins,
Leave a trail in life,
Where we been...

Make history, make babies,
Create a legacy,
Start a family,
Bring you n' yours,
I'll bring me n' mine,
Gettin social as we dine.

Bring our past to the future...

Life's a circle, like karma's boomerang,
Reciprocal, produce good, it won't change,
Make new friends,
Till they get old,
Generation X, can't duplicate the mould.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blemishes add character,
Perfection comes after,
Growth from burdens & hardships,
Scars are the curve of life's brain,
Struggles beget strength,