Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tickle my heart!

Softly spoken,
Slight whisper,
Mr asks is it ok,
If he can tickle my heart...

Consciousness bewildered,
Gold and trimmed with silver,
Whoa, my smile delivered,
A response, no remark...

How u plan to do this,
Butterflies of newness,
My dreams have come true,
As I blush in the dark...


He opened up his eyes and,
Invited me for tea, that pours out,
From his memories of moments,
Sweetened with honey...
Reflecting on the days of trial and error with our love,
To come to this, we had to see the same sign from above...

My mind overjoyed,
Confirmation was on point like a dart,
Contemplating, the fact remains that this is real,
How we feel, synchronized from the start,
Life with you expressed in a moment,
Time machine, full throttle, we traveled,
Look at me babble, all b'cuz
Future is clear all in a day when you tickled my heart like the first day we new it was love.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Collage of distractions

Inspired by thoughts, day dreams and fantasies,
Creating clever scenarios,
Full of surprises and shit,

Nah, just said it cuz it rhymed,

Meanwhile, as the colors form in my head,
Muse has no excuses for being unpredictable,
Obtuse and isosceles while riding the elliptical,

Fallow me down the road of clarity and get lost,
Coin toss, in the moss atop a slippery slope,
Cope, with the thought that I'm high,
But I'm not on dope,

Rope, hanging from trees,
Attached to a tire,
Swinging so high till I touch the eye,

Of the man on the moon, or how bout, Gemini,

To our surprise this was an illusion of,
Dilution surrounded by confusion,
Protrusion of utter chaos,
Underneath the wreath of feathers,
Placed upon my head,

It's a picture of the type of shit,
Goin  on within my nappy head.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Unspoken truth

Emotionally swollen,
Head heavy, eye hazy,
Crazy how,
I saw it coming but baby,
I grew lazy,

Sick and tired,
Always tired of being tired,
Tired of being sick,
When my clarity,
Suddenly is confused...

Why you choose,
Be bitter when its good,
Horrible when its bad,
How the mirage of happiness,
Is the time spent that we had,

How I wish,
Your mouth was locked shut,
How I wish your mind would open,

That soon our reality,
Forms circles round your majesty,

Walking on eggshells,
Hope they don't crack,
A smile? I get questioned,
My laughters an attack,

Who, what, when, why, how,
And what the fu*k,
Not according to your liking,
And your the ones who's always stuck,

I can't keep playing freeze tag,
Red rover,
Being it,
By the one who's love was meant to be,
Pristine, now turned to shit,

Not allowed to be myself,
Cuz you see me as a threat,
Disobedient, the thought,
Brings tightness to your chest,

My mind told me to leave,
Cuz it's a terrible thing to waste,
Living in the shadows of a once familiar face,
My heart keeps saying, told you so,
Now what you gonna do,
When you break the news your leaving him,
And acknowledge that its true?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Too long 2 read??

This is exactly who I am

I'm the faceless, no name,
My name, not just anybody,
Hated & love,
Cursed from above, but blessed,
I slouch, stand erect,

So check it,

I have 2 sides like lady Pisces,
Warin' within,
I lose and I win,
I rock and crash the party,

Part of me,
Hyper type off dopamine,
Marshmallow, soft and sweet chillin comfortably,

Comfort me,
Push and pull,
Torn up and all together,
It's whatever..

2 religions, 1 God under Whom is the First,
To impress, the Last, have a blast, do it right,
In spite of the path I made,

The one He chose is non-tradish'
I wish u understood,

The rules I lived by don't accept me,
Cuz my smiles a little crooked,
Sarcasm makes me laugh,
Wizdom intrigues me,
My intellect is a blast,

I wear hijabs while my hairs in a fro,
Exposing hands, face and feet,
Artistically humble,

I swear when I'm hostile,
Speechless to unspeakables,
I stuff my face with chocolate cake,
Then run a mile,

I love being me though my life is a riddle,
Puzzling, the pieces fit exactly how they should,

I represent me and my freeing mind,
Fallin back, I got my back,
I'm standing from behind.