Saturday, September 26, 2015

Same PaGe

Two forces of equal strength,

Opposite speeds that still arrive at the same time,

Masculine, feminine, dominance and submission,

Smooth transition,

Playing positions that balance out the scale of harmony...

Counter interactions,

Supported by attraction which gives and takes,

Makes or breaks the lifespan of woman and man,

One night stand or til death, part ways,

Its a chemical type of thang, sometimes hard to explain.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Sterio, typico'
Subliminal messages,
Message is,
Be wary, always question
What the motive is,

Spos'ta did, spos'ta do,
What's that shit they tellin you,
Spellin, you sound it out,
Don't know what they talkin bout

Grey area, full of fogg,
Clearly blinded in the smogg,
Constipated, full of shit
From the one who tellin it

Jump on it

Chance, is the window of opportunity!