Sunday, November 6, 2016

People be like:

Oh no, here she go,
Thinkin' she favor Badu,
But she don't ,

Thinkin somebody want to hear wack words,
Bout mental shit and reality,

Or how she causes calamity .

What they been sayin is partially true,
Some say i favor, but i leave it to you,
I think I'm cleva just like her song,
Within my being, I'm awkwardly strong.

I'm awkwardly able to spin my own head,
Round bible verses and what Qu'ran says,
Now some think I'm strange based on what i just said,
To know stuff like this, exists in my head.

Y'all said i was crazy cuz i listen to metal ,
Like DMC and that Aerosmith fellow,
The song when they talked bout walking this way,
The one niggahs danced to back in the day.

I admit I'm a rare one and strangely unique,
I tried to be like you but don't get your technique

It's hard being phony and claim that your real,
I tried it but still, the feelings weren't real.

I tried what you do,thinking you'll look my way,
You still laughed at me and said I'm deranged.

So all i have left was the best all along ,
Being myself cuz I'll never go wrong.

So shout out to all of my odd ballers ballin,
Keepin it true, still standin tall and,
Continue to give the "regs" entertainment ,
It keeps adding up till we become famous !