Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sharin', Givin', Learnin'

Why do I give advice I can't take,
Make me feel like I'm fake,
Sound mind at stake...

Pluto, Moon, and Mars,
Light years to the candy bar,
Un-sheath my double-edged sword,
Cuttin' and protectin' on one accord,

Got common sense,
Make wrong decisions,
When my minds right,
I move with precision,

My focus can get blurry,
When I'm in a hurry,
Then I  see what I've done and,
It's kind of scurry,

Seek advice but take my own,
After days of meditation,
Knowledge seeds are planted,
Growin' echoes of vibration,

Feelin pretty spiritual,
Somthin' like a miracle,
Got me so excited,
Got me feelin' slight hysterical,

Captivatin' mind,
Captivatin' mine,
Sharin' words with strangers,
While I'm leadin' from behind,

Lead from Up Above,
Allah's Undying Love,
Pick's me up, when I am down,
Fits tight like OJ's glove,

Still, at times, I wonder,
Why I fall back into slumber,
Daydreamin' of the days,
When I rose from being under,

Reminded of abilities,
Of, come back possibilities,
Plateau on days of good,
Obtain and keep stability,

For now, I'll keep on-goin',
Givin' logical advice,
As the breeze of wisdom's blowin',
Comforting's the sacrifice,

Of knowing that I'll help someone,
In hopes it penetrates,
While in  the state of slumber,
What is given, I can't take.