Tuesday, October 28, 2014

....LASt LaUGh

No reason why you hate me,

You lie,

Justify and create me,

Inside of your mind,

Mirror to your soul,

Gettin bold, in front of friends,

Entertained by stories of,

How I'm sucha...


Whats that thing on her head,

Tryin ta look innocent,

Miss perfect, but


You need to face,


I never offended you,

Don't even speak to you,

Cuz when I tried,

You act like I was too good,

Or too bad to be seen speakin to,

After you spilled the beans that,

You just purchased with your EBT,

Oh SNAP, thought i forgot about,


But I never judged,

Always showed love.

Your babies are kin to me,

But you don't ac
knowledge me,

I hope you told how,

You make the effort to,

Look, crack jokes and analyze me,

For your 8 hour shift,

I'm your topic of interest.

Did you think of something new,

For the two face broad you try to


The one that talked about you.

You probably never knew.

Insignificant and stale,

Weak minded and frail,

You summon all your energy,

Focusing it all on me.

In all actuality,

You blend in with,

The scenery.

Even maggots have a purpose,

In life,

As you can see.

Continue with your bitterness,

It reflects my positivity!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

...For My BaBIES...

My love for you is close to,

What God's Forgiveness feels like to a sinner,

The closeness as the sky to the clouds,

The inside of a rain drop and the,

Soul of an angel..

You are the essence of my identity,

Infinity, through out layers of generations who,

Share my eye's, my habits,

My blood.

I'm proud that God assigned you to be,

My family and that we belong together,

Forever connected through life's years that,

Are so far in the future that our past meets us,


Talkin bout, you walk like Auntie and,

Your sweet like Grammah.

Each baring, sharing the connection of generations,

Through layers of years, decades and such,

Just to stay connected no matter what...

My love for you is like,

Love like family.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Universal scholar, holla,

Tell em bout the thing with the,

Thing in the middle of your brain,

The thing that sparks a flame,

Retardant speech soft like peach fuz,

Cuz its that thing that we always knew,

But knew not on what its called,

Whatcha call, whatsa name,

Its the thing that makes the conversation drag on,

A whole lot, as the plot thickens, gets intense,

Agreein that the thing is right,

Amazed at all words built around, to astound the,

Essence of the thing, in the presence of the thing,

Elaborating, mental form taking,

Dissecting and construct-ating,

Correcting, reflecting til the topics,

Off topic and we all forget about the thing,

The whatsa called thing,

Thats so wonderful, wonder, full,

Of empty thoughts cuz we forgot the name of the,

Thing, we forgot what the,

Heck we talkin bout.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

...One 2 Three

If You Had,

3 Wishes,


Would YOU,

Wish For?

Less or more,

Even a score between,

Foes and enemies,

Break even or,


Would you lust after,

Things then,

Trust fades,

Shaved by emotional,

Razor blades,

Cuz you chose to,

Betray but,

That's ok because its,

Your wish...?

Would you wish,

For cures and,

Love upon doors,

That reveal the need,

For healing,

Dealing with meaning,

Of true life situations,

Supportive with,

Tremendous dedication,

Stranger or relation,

Mending wounds with,

Unification of a nation,

Working in harmony,

Side by side like,


Don't forget you have 3,

Wishes like,

Second chance and,

New beginnings,

Make a difference or keep it,


Either way, just a thought,

Wanna know what u'd do,

If you had but a few,

Cards to play without rules.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I would like to take time too...

Apologize for all I've done,

Come undone the threads of bonds sewn,

Loosely, or tight,

Despite how special or true,

Something went wrong and I,

Blame you and You,

Blame me but we both,

Agree, when we see each other its,

Not cool,

Yes, I do focus on not focusing,

On you,

Very true, that's why you make me sick because,

I continue to plague myself with jealousy,

Of how the, woman I am ain't,

The woman i claim to be,

Trying to one up,

My non-competition..

My equal, Love,

Like, hate, me...

Don't matter cuz,

I just had to get that off my chest...

As thorough as I'll ever be,

Inside, this mind, only wipin,

Slates clean and workin on my

Lady, Woman, Big Girl, Boss, Deen

At all costs of letting go,

Time to grow.

I can admit,

Type of "uhmm",

Don't matter if you do,

Its all about me,

Getting clean from,

Living a filthy life,

With a filthy mentality,

Bitter tongue,

Questionable sanity.

This ones not for,

Just one, but many,

Big time and


Not just about making peace but,

Making it right like grown folks,

Like Old School,

No hate for fuel,

Keep it mutual,

The Original, keep it one hunneh'

I done it, like Mike,

Elevate, take flight.

Then dive down to swim among,

Jelly fish, using bait like,

Gummy worms,

Sparing the insignificant among men,

And praying for his/her soul,

As well as mine own
, All the time,

Keep in mind,

The Divine Knows and

Sees at All Times!

Monday, October 6, 2014

... GoOd timE

TAke the BiggeSt erasEr and gEt rid

oF pain...

BlOw the crumbs off and PuT something 

hAppy in itS place,

SpaCe between your teeth when YoU smilE,

EaR to ear, milE pon milE...

LaUGh ouT loud in LibrariEs for no Reason,

No businesS of anyonE but yours,

FunnY to you, tears falling, droolin,

foolIng rounD, as they look aRound and hear,

you, see yOu, then crack a smile,

noT knowIn why you feeL soo good,

and it LookS soo good, and you knoW its,

Fun when its said and doNe..

iN youR happy placE in the Open

or a QUIEt space bCuZ you

eRased the PaiN of a Sad 

MomenT to a GooD day.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

...RanDom ThoughTs

Memories like,

Tattoos on the brain, insane how,

Its been this long but a short time.

Rewind back to when the pen was,

Mightier than the sword,

On one accord is the encore,

Wanting more...

Cool analogy's and,

Life's lessons and catastrophes,

Clever words of wizdom,

No one can match

His system of,

Aligning stars, forming clouds on,

Levels like 10 and 9,

Sun shining all the time,

And at night in the form of the moon,

How soon,

Time travels but,

Takes so long then,

The past is gone leaving behind ones foot prints,

On kitchens and dance floors,

Inside and out doors,

Furthermore, forever more,

Memories like,

Tattoo's on the brain, insane,

Can't complain bout rain,

When it pours,

Heaven's doors open up to,

Wash away pain and life's stain

Then calm smothers the atmosphere,

As people shift, from high to,

Low gear.

Mentally pumping brakes,

For as long as it takes

In the wake of existence.

Just chill with,

No resistance,

For instance,

Lay back in a hammock,

Spend time with relaxation,

Concentration, meditation,

Create new memories,

From the days situations.