Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 12


When lack of respect is displayed by imposing and provoking attempts to set you off in a vile manner, but choosing to respond in an unexpected way, resulting in despair and confusion of the aggressor.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 11

Family is the most amazing gift brought about by God through the union of two souls who compliment one another, filling the cracks of lifes voided space, supported with balance, moving towards growth, fueled by love...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 10

Hold fast to a slick tongue for regret will haunt you in the future...
Likewise, the response may leave a lasting impression.

Day 9

Relax & reflect...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 8

Takin it all in,

Seems like all I talk about is,

Revelations, Formations,

And words ending in -ation,

Meanings to things that I realize now,

Things that were made clear,

And, how I am better and strive to one up myself...

Sounds like a fork in the road,

Take new direction so,

Clear away all deception,


Now I'm talkin shit using -tion...

Guess its that T.I.O.N shit,

That keeps me talking bout action as the,

Root of it,

Make moves and do things in spite of it,

That shit,

That's that non-stagnant mentality,

Spiritual maturity,

Based on learnin,

Being Guided by,

The One who Guides me righteous,

Its contagious,

Infectious and bodacious,

I'm outrageous,

How I speak and also,


But I must,

Relax for now and come back when,

I'm rested,

And testify to that on which,

I'm surely to be tested...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 7

Reaction, response,

There in an instant,


Are my feelings of emotion,

Close is my instinctive logic,

Ironic, chronic,

Elevations of my soul traveling through,

Meditations destination,

Far and forever roaming through tranquil stillness,

And vibrating calm..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 6

Alert and on point...

I felt myself fill with guilt as my lower self was exposed,

Revealing the true identity, the denying part of me,

I'm ashamed and embarrassed but thankful and repentant,

Mocking, complaining, pointing out and degrading, 

All that I said about others was all in me,

It was all me...

My words reflected the lower part of me, 

So I could see, 

Who I never wanted to be,

Only worse...

So I,

Acknowledged, then ejected,

The part of me that's infected..

Faced off with an apposing force of,

Kind words with true remorse so,

Inshallah, I'll stay the course and,

Kill the hate that lived within me,

For I am my own enemy

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 5

Feeling pleasant like,

Egyptian musk ridin a light breeze,

Ease, if you please,

Atmosphere is pretty wavy,

Maybe, its smooth like gravy,

Drippin off the spoon,

At the light of the moon, sight of the moon,

Here we are the 21st of June and,

Ramadan's in full affect...

Made it another day,

But we ain't finished yet,


The fast has started,

The clouds departed,

Clarity is clear and,

Wizdom slowly appears..

Inside spiritual ears as my eyes ring,

Things, look new and different at the same time,

Seein what lies behind enemy lines,

Duna baseline,

With drone like existence,

Try to keep my distance, from returning to the,

Robotic, hypnotic and socially,

Politically assisted,


Ways of traveling through time,

As we drive through the Brainwash,

So life appears to be,

Squeaky clean,

Like afro sheen

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 4

Choked up during worship to The Almighty,

How He,

Keeps me going,

Undeserving and living in sin...

Forgiven on known and forgotten,

It makes me feel rotten,

But blessed to know that my God still loves me...

Protecting me from the very dangers the unseesn has,

Set out for me,

Including me...

I can't foresee all that I am but I know from where I came,

I'm cool and I'm lame,

Humbling shame how human I really am,

How different I claim to be...


He provides a veil over the eyes of onlookers that,

Watch me on the regular,

Cuz I'm part of their life's scenery...

They see what He wants them too,

No matter how I think they do,

Oblivious to the protection upon me...

Let me define...

He keeps me in line with,

Hiding all faults and imperfections from those whom He sees fit...


So, judge me according to that,

What goes on behind closed doors is,

Repentance ever more,

Being thankful,

As I choke up during worship

Friday, June 19, 2015

Stagnant Moves

Time lapse,


Hands clappin,

Hesitate 1,2,3

Seconds late...

Contemplate and,

Relate to familiar that's no longer there,

And stare off into blank space,

My mind filled with blank space,

Went from fast to a slow pace,

In a race I'm not runnin but,


Slow, mellow,

Wiggle slightly like jello,

On a memory foam mattress,

Relax and de-stress,

Inside the chaotic momentum,

Of life's leap measured quantum,

In man's mind,

Only on God's time

Day 2

Feelin neither hot,

Nor cold,

But I'm on fire,

For my souls desire,


Killin all things haram at the root,

Ill feelings and hard feelings,

But save some negativity,

So I can recognize positivity,

As I practice livin life honestly...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 1

Inner cleansing of soul brings about ugly realities of self,

Identify, Purify, acknowledge,

Don't Deny but,

Rely on The Most High...

I look at fasting in a few ways: This is a fast for respect, worship and honoring God in our purest and most humbling state where minds are clear due to deprived bellies and thirsty souls.

ONEs breath emits foul aromas as its sweet to the nostrils of Our Father, for the very thing that leaves our bodies, is replaced and replenished with good.

Nothing but our own lower selves are we faced with while Shaytan is locked away during this Holy Month. Therefore, understand that we are all sinners and take this opportunity to correct it with repentance.

This isn't for just ME, but its for EVERYONE. The affect is real regardless if you participate or not. In this Peaceful and Spiritual Act of worship, One can't help but to be responsible for his/her own actions with Shaytan being confined.

Take a look at who you really are, what you stand for, who you represent and you'll notice your actions and interactions pose the reason for the types of relationships in your lives.

Reshape and undo the things that can be corrected, pray for help for the things we have no control over.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Over exaggerated,


CoZmic force of energy,

Passes through sound waves,

Creating rhythm in my ears and,

Beating in my soul,

Bouncing to and fro,

Like the puff of heritage on my head...

As i said,

Positivity shocks and flows,

Like time that tic tocs,

Vibrating off my hips as they sway,

In a way,

Like symphonies of sound coming together,

Putting it all in perspective...

I'm smooth and sexy like r & b,

Hood like hip hop,

Accented by reggae,

Please, bae, test me not,

Get angry like heavy metal,

Throwin tool boxes and shit

Laid back like neo soul,

Meditating off the cerebral tip,

Suburban chick like, "no freakin way"

In my white girl voice so sweet,

Actin like a niggah all damn day,

When you see me in the street,

No egos here, just confident,

Lift my damn self up and stay,

My conscious says stay humble too,

I Enjoy Life Being This Way

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

There's days when I feel like,


I mean, doing nothing,

Just feel so drained,

Unable to maintain a,

Smile or a laugh,

Cuz a reflection of my past,

Crept up and stained my view...

Is that what its come too,

The occasional " run into..",

Of feelings left for the wolves,

To devour with teeth and,

Stomp with hooves,

I can't take this haunting feeling of,

Wanting to get even with,

Something that's not equal,


I just need to let it go....