Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The earth spins so fast, that
Life can get dizzy, and
You can seem busy,  but

Watch what you're thinking, and
Protect what you're drinking, cuz
They'll slip you a micky, then

When you are loyal, you
Eagerly spoil, the
One who takes up, your

I am just speakin', to
All yall who hear me, a
Bout something silly, and

Lies generatin', from
Mouths of the shaytan's, who
Claim their your people, and

Keep clear your mental, not
Ex-perimental, cuz
If you're caught slippin', your
Blood will shed..

This world's gettin' crazy, so
Learn up the babies, and
Insert some wisdom, for them to

Love, life and living, plus
Caring and giving, and
Respect and non dias,

Friday, August 26, 2016

Found myself

I flipped my brain inside out,
To see what all the fuss' s about,
Oh the things revealed to me,
Were 2 cells shy of sanity.

2 thoughts deep,
Knowledge i speak of,
Things that make your conscious tweak,

Your mental twerk,
Your eyeballs roll,
Enticing vibes that make you flow,

Make scream so silently,
Think about my mystery,
While blowing smoke from dragon lungs,
Inhaled hookah, blunts and bongs,

Call me twisted, spiritually free,
Expressing who i really be,
Kill the chick you thought i was,
Society's peculiar dove,

Who smiles a lot,
And softly speaks,
Under my breath,
I quietly creep,

Around my tongue to keep you calm,
Within me tics an atom bomb,
Explosive, cuz im so expressive,
Within Myself, I been suppressed it,

Shamefully hid,
From the things that i did,
Thing's i knew, in time i got better,
Being this person i thought I was clever,

Kept stuffing me down,
Said that parts dead,
In the past that i drown,

But her ass kept fighting although she was weak,
And that's when she snuck me So hard i felt peace,

She said I'm the Ying & the Yen,
Gettin nice with that pen,
Fraternal and siamese,
Boss and top employee,

Keep fighting yourself,
you always win,
2nd guess, begin again.

Run around in circles, yo
Can't catch up until you fall,
Spiral till out of control,
Anxiety's what it's called,

Depression cuz you claim defeat,
All said and done, yo ass got beat,

Be who you are and no one else,
Be both of you, be true to self.

In the end God's The Judge
He made me like none other,
Just be myself no matter WHAT,
Head bare or nicely covered.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Our time, spendin unpredictable, reciprocal  vibes on all waves of history in the making.

Taking, advantage of building our spiritual love, a naturally proven possibility for you and me, being together harmoniously, thinking bout thoughts simultaneously.

(I said it cuz it rhymes!)

I love you like I love myself, in sickness and in health, be it broke or in wealth.

You told me once you'll be here soon,  I'm on my way to chill with you. The walk bridge's where we met half way, in half the time to see your face, and twice as fast to hold me close, and daydream we would reach today.

Reflecting back 12 years ago through all the pain, we made it though, we made it grow,  we planted seeds from weed to our first cherry tree. Now every time it blooms each year, the fruit is sweet and sweeter still, it started off as bitter though, but like us, it needs time to grow.

Inshallah there's years to come, I pretty sure they will be fun. Inshallah today will be a happy anniversary .

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Minds Eye

I am the viscous cycle trapped in between two states of mind.

Personally,  my personalities battle back and forth like Cane,

Not able to control  my inner soul of my realities toil.

Caught in the crosshair by my own aim, becoming a target of  my  personal enemy.

Self explanatory,  the majority of my thinking is a tug of war within reason.

Want both lives but can only live one,  struggling to be righteous and act a fool at the same time.

Religion set rules forth of  both beautiful and simply confusing,

For my brain is left bruising cuz it a sin to be me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


What's come of this world,
The place we call home,
Filled up with strangers,
Replicas and clones,
Tracking our moves,
From cell phones and drones.

Culturally mixed nation,
Natives, foremothers and fathers,
Opportunity or slave ships,
Some even called conquerors.

I admit it was rough,
Ugly and unfriendly,
Muderious genocide,
Definitely became enemies.

Others viewed less than cattle,
Took two people to make him.
Whooped , tortured and killed,
Enslaved spirit, not shaken.

We're all Americans,
By papers or soil born,
Maintained by the laws,
That our country stands for.

Opression is real,
In the land of the free,
Americans at war,
With our own society.

This newly paved road has a fork like the tongue,
Of the serpent Generation,
Divided so young.

Letting hate be your motive,
No good reason why,
And shame what was fought for,
Watching soldiers wipe eyes.

Confused and deceptive,
Of what we once claimed,
Loving thy neighbor,
We're taught to refrain.

America the beautiful
Between brothers and bruthas,
Ancestors suckled as infants
From African muthah's.

Some call it an insult,
Some call it pride,
Recognizing and forced,
To keep generations alive.

Fighting for peace,
To get along better,
Has slowly shown progress,
And still can get better.

Be what it may,
Old fashioned or lame,
Stand up united,
And reclaim it's fame.

Deep missions not impossible,
It don't matter,
I don't mind,
Negative left behind,

Movin forward,
Movin on,
Keep my stride,
Long and strong

Said that i could never be,
What you hate when seein me,

Keep my promise to myself,
Keep it real, stay to self,
'Cept a few whom i love,
Kept it real like i does

Not to boast or to brag,
Got these heifers saying, "dag",
Spreadin gossip, I aint shit,
Do it better,
Tag, you're it.