Friday, May 29, 2015

CrayZ linGERin BreAK up Thang...

I get sick on roller coaster rides,

Of emotional highs and too lows,

Throwing me back and forth into the blitz of,

A blurry thing called love...

Or what it was...

You can't seem to make up your mind,

From time to time,

Leaving and never pack,

Stayin but always gone,

I make up my mind and tell you to leave,

But you stick around,

Afraid to,

 Let go,



I missed you since the beginning and,

It'll get easier in the end cuz,

You've always made decisions that never suited both of us,

Not trustin us,

As if you knew,

That was far and few,

To see the future with only,

Part of us...

No trust for me and,

Definitely not you,

So, its best that we're through,

Again, this is de ja vue,

New this day would come,

Prepared but procrastinated,

We made plans,

That were simply faded,

Like chalk dust...

Must I go on,

Need I say more...

Yes its sore but, its aways been,

99, not


Try and round up but the team wasn't,

Big enough or,

You wore you jersey but,

Rooted for the rival,

Slept around and caught something viral,

Now your spinnin like a...


Runnin out of ammunition,

Find excuses to sleep with,


Your mission...

I'm good tho,

Nowadays, ain't got time for a new bro,

I'll lick my wounds and keep it movin,

The road ahead is pretty smooth and,

It won't be long til I'm at peace,

Of mind, sexy body and amazing soul,

Who I've been all along B,

Too weak to notice you had a real G,

Not a shoot em up type of lady,

Or the fake ones that had replace me,

I'm the real unique rose gold,

Who's legs for you will never unfold!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For U my Friend

Contemplate bout fu*ked up situations, 

Confrontations within,

Begin again...

What's left is the aftermath of destruction,

Clean up, start new construction,

And build,

Your quarter mill,

Call it a business or an empire,

Bounce up from down off the haywire,

Keep steady flow like Pisces,

Come back burn em all hot and spicy...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Complainin' DON't stop

There was a man,

Whose shadow left,

Cuz he complained,

About the haze,

The rain had left behind,

With a dull scenery,

And pale muted sunshine.

Glowing softly,

Bouncin off trees,

Made shadows appear,


Both solid and fluid figures,

Like buildings and sodas,

And children playin red rova'.

Come ova blue, green and yellow,

Observes the angry fellow,

As he bellows,

Bout the thick humidity,

Sweat drippin profusely,

"I wish this stuff would go away,

and not come back a different day",

Not knowin what this day has brought,

Blooming flowers and sidewalk chalk,

The cold is gone,

Thankful for heat,


He couldn't see,

His cures of negativity,

Concerned the them bout his misery,

He Chased away gladness when they rejoiced,

This bitter mans shadow had no choice,

His shadow vanished out of sight,

Like vampires with no reflections,

Angry man was bitter still

Cuz now there's no protection,

From rays through haze glow muted sun,

Cast its light upon him,

Vulnerable brother without any barriers,

Made his situation more scarier,

None wanted to come near him,

Not because they feared him,

But upon him fell the wrath of,

The One who lights the guided path,

Giving life a midst the shade,

Dew drop petals sprout grasses blades,

A blessing in disguise as such,

This brother just complained too much,

Shadow left, without a doubt,

He burned in sun-ful, shadeless drought

*the insignificant is significant just as the undesirable is desired so complain less and observe more*

Friday, May 8, 2015

relationSHIP cruiSe

I had it all in the bag,


It tore,

Through my thoughts and landed in the curves of my brain,


Descending from the tears of my mind,

Drowning out the shallow truth,

Of my youth,


Decay from sweet images filled with,

Desires and imagination,

Confection concentration,

No focus on whats in front of me,

Tryin to ask if it's meant to be,

You and me, regularly...

Or is this a test,

At best to see how true I am,


It ain't hard but it's not easy,

Cheesy cuz,

He makes me smile a lot,

Have fun talkin bout shit and,


Innocently guilty,

Of befriendin'

We just pretendin'

Like, this is what'd it be like,

Like, this is what it could be,

Like, it could never be like,

Like, it would never be...