Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lil bit o' thought

Too good to be true is,
Hope for a fool,

When the thing don't go his way,
The fool admits he knew...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How you livin' ?

Can you die from intellect,
Overdose on smarts,
Playin' that "know it all" part,
Makin' the ones who question,  uncomfortable,
Ignorance is predictable.

Can you live off envy?
Churning darkness within,
A soul of coal, and soot filled veins,
Heavy chest, beneath the breast of pumping heats of flame.

Can you fall victim to folly,
Immature and jolly,
Stunted growth, underdeveloped,
Don't care to grow the hell up.

Make a career and not get paid,
False idea of got it made,
Display youself for all to see,
Tne life, you have and want to be.

Lie your way up to the top,
Fairy tales that just don't stop,
Moral of your sad story,
Takes 2, scene 3 re-run, same plot.

Religion keeps you disciplined,
Restrain your thoughts so you don't sin,
Forming balance in your life,
The struggle's twice as hard the fight.
Do you stop when times get tough,
Peers waiting to call your bluff,
Call you out on all that stuff.
Shake it off, continue on,
In the end you will be strong,
You do belong in guided grips,
Of spiritual protection,
Molding you from very rough,
To heavenly perfection!

Friday, October 7, 2016

What the future holds

Do you ever wonder why you have these feelings like,

In time, truth's revealin'

Those " what if's " shoved to the side,

Is sugar coated in disguise?

Those things like apocalypse,

Ain't it funny when you watchin' it,

Takin' form and clear in view,

At a theater near to you.

Futuristic gains, fed by,

Futuristic lames, who's

Intellect was flooded,

Drowned out with reality TV,

I want it but, can't afford it, so

Be it far from me to achieve.

Crippled with diagnosis,

Remedied was prescribed in doses,

Of poison that's fair seeming,

Society asks for mainstreaming.

War on drugs was one by ex- addicts,

With made up minds to kick old habits,

And pray desire stays away,

While it's almost legalized today.

Bathrooms made as unisex,

Perverts in disguise,

Takes the youth by surprise,

Legally able to commit his crime.

Dwindling humanity,

Blinded deep by vanity,

Scary thought of generations,

"Good ol days"  are few to mention,

Pretty soon they'll be no past,

The futures coming way too fast.