Friday, February 24, 2017


Misfits bound for greatness,
Rose colored glasses with,
Kaleidoscope lenses,
Started with associates,
Now I barely have friends,

Paper and pen,
Alternative to keyboards,
Sea shore, washes up treasure,
That the vein ignore,

I dress to impress my consciousness,
I'm unique, a freak and I'm good at it,

Got high hopes in hopless situations,
Meditate and hold ancient conversations,
Feelin refreshed like returning from vacation,
Unwaverd peace like I'm high on medication,

I speaks intelligent,
sometimes derogatory,
I'll try to explain so you can fall-ow my story,

Familiarize yourself about the way i am,
The topic of your gossip,
The subject of your rumors,
I'm the reason for your yappin round' the water cooler,

I'm just like her,
She's just like them,
Individuality at the stroke of a pen...

We are the ones wearing chains from our noses,
Wearing nail polish on top of our toeses'

Covered in tattoos and studs in our tongue,
Dreadlocks and skateboards, we ride in the sun,

Blue haired ballerina,
Thick glasses, ripped jeans,
Petty crime misdemeanor,
We're clean and pristine,

Nappy, bald, redheaded and bold,
Birthmarks and freckles,
Dimples and pimples,
We're young and we're old,

Nerds, nerds, nerds,
Headbangers and no names,
We are the Misfits,
We're one in the same...

All ethnicities,
In our simplicity,
We're humbly artistic,
Narcissistic, Eccentric

We keep your attention by being ourselves,
The same ones in high school who sat by ourselves,
The ones who got picked on for being ourselves,
The ones who don't fit in for being ourselves,

The ones who intrigued you and all of your friends,
The one who put Humpty together again,
The Rubics Cube genuious,
From earth to Venus,
Two steps ahead in wizdom puttin,
Miles between us,

 We're the ones you think about,
The cool way how we get shit done,
The ones who you compare yourself,
And wish your life was just as fun,

We are Misfits,
We are the Mr.'s and Mrs of fits,
Always in the back of your brain,
We're so smart,
It's crazy, insane,

We're the ones you can never be,
The strong and best at ev-er-y thing,
We're exclusive, ultra beings,
Envy of shoes you want to be in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


What's the point of existence when resistance cracks my melon,

Start screamin' and yellin',

Bout to become a felon,

No tellin', how far I'll go,

Distance unknown,

Mysterious location,

Tryin to reach the next station,

Take a ride on the train of thought,

Ponder bout, what I ought,

And bout, what I ought not,

Clarity snuffed out by confusion,

Parodies of fake life illusions,

I fooled em'


Feel ok, but I'm sick again,

Sick of hiding in life's shadows,

And blinded by limelight,

Can't stand all the attention,

Cuz it gives me stage fright,

In spite,

Of my fits of rage,

Mind bashing,

That dents the cage,

As my brain seeps with inner agony,

Torn between who I am and ought to be,

Siamese, sibling rivalry,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mutha Fuckin Hyde,

Proudly display of humbling pride,

Crying while I laugh inside,

All the while I look for ease,

To fix my disability,

Of the mind that's made of matter,

Over it,

But it don't matter,

Just another stressful day,

I'm good for real,

Yep, I'm ok,

Silly, I'm not foolin' you,

Too busy cuz I'm foolin' me!

Friday, February 10, 2017


I am strong,

like the hit of a bong that makes you choke,

And burns your throat, like



Like the muscle man with weight in his hands,

Gettin ready 'fore he stands, then puts them down and up again,


Like being perturbed, from a sudden word, strikes a nerve, that sparks the urge,

Makin current scenes absurd..

Ya heard?

Strong like

Church folk feelin the spirit, watch/listen/hear it, yellin and tear it, b'cuz they swear it,

Strong like,

Black coffee, espresso , that makes shit let go and stay on the get go

Strong like

Bad breath, yeah, tosis, no talk so close it,
Start pluggin noses, back up to closes...

I  can go on bout how i am strong,
Bout when I'm weak, i carry-on,

And on and on, like Erykah's song,

Tip of the iceberg, it won't be long.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wishful Unthinking

Back at it, bad habit
Contradicting my own hypothesis,
Swing and a miss, smoke cannabis till I'm calm and convinced I'm okay,
Gucci shades hide my shame in the shadow of pain as my,
Eyes cry things get blury,
Trying to see clearly,
The hiccup in my actions,
The mimic of reactions,
Makin' old shit brand new again,
Reruns start from beginning,
Still didn't get the point but i understood,
Makin big plans,
Never follow through,
Makin excuse as to why I failed,
Same ol' bill, wantin new mail...
This time i can see the signs,
New direction, fresh state of mind,
Confident, i got this thang,
Avoid life's runway, walk of shame,
Movin on, done wastin time,
Confusion who? Ain't got no time,
No more pausing on rewind for answers that I'll never find,
To questions i should never asked,
Bout the peaceful time that passed,
Bout that time I thought I lost,
Sanity was the cost,
Puttin forth a new edition,
Of an old school hyped up vision,
Bout a place I'd rather be,
Top of the world, living free.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


It ceases to amaze me how:

 One chooses to ignore constant reminders of their interrupting and opinionated rudeness, which forms a cataract blinding conceit over their intellect !