Thursday, July 6, 2017


Dreams can be visions of fantasy,
Songs of reality,
Warning me about who to keep an eye on,
Telling me I'll make it even when the stress just piles on,

Over again, different scenes,  same scenario,
Thinkin while sleep about its truth as it unfolds,

Playing out shit like running naked down Main St,
Yelling at the top of my lungs, "they after me",
Lookin over my shoulder as the crowd's closing in,
Faces of snakes on bodies of chickens...

I believe Dreams are interpretations,

Of fears, hopes and future situations,

Be it far from me to know exactly what they mean,

Waken up after chillin with the enemy,

Sleep with one eye open after saying your prayers,

Z's start flowing all through the air,

Unseen beings manipulate your mind,

As the world of consciousness is left behind,

Contemplate and analyzing all the data,

Seems like a long time to recall whats scattered,

When your retelling it, the dream appears to be real short,

Abbreviatied story of the teleport,

As it comes out your mouth, it sounds so messed up,

Feeling embarrassed like, that's fucked up

In the back of your brain, its as real as can be,

Probably just meant for dreamworld reality...

Becareful of the thing you share with your friends,

Tight lips have potential to eventually unmend,

Keep your dreams close and protect them well,

Measure them with caution in the wind, don't tell

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