Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yeah, that's ME!

Oh no, it's a Muslim sista,
Bout to tell her story,
Probably bout jihad or political controversy,
Maybe she'll spin off bout how her life was tough,
And turn up with emotions sayin how she's had enough...

I'm a typical, not average black sista,
American born,
Old school like home grown,
Hell no, I'm talkin bout weed,
And other types of feel good shit that make your mental bleed...

I like rock, funk, soul and jazz,
Heavy metal that drives you mad,
Boxing, baseball, and exclusive shit,
Writing, loving, I'm sick with it,

Eat halal food and a spiritual meal,
Get full, make room cuz my appetites real,
I Go deep, go hard and all metaphysical strengths,
Wizdomatic conversations,
Regardless of length,

I'm humble and stand out,
And yes, damn it i swear,
So before you continue to judge,
Think of what y'all whisperin out there,

Never claimed to be perfect,
Didn't think i ever was,
Just want to introduce myself,
And show you what i does!


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