Wednesday, March 29, 2017

good Morning

Started off as a good morning, 
After yawning, 
Thankin' God for another day,
Another chance,
To be a better me than the day before...

Flowing thru my routine, 
Awaken day dreams, 
About today's short and long term goals,
Strategic plan,
With pen in hand,
Mapping the start of my course...

Two minutes in,
Downfall begins,
Ink slowly runs dry,
I look around,
And hear the sound,
Of sirens as they scream by...

They wake the baby,
Startled the cat,
Disturbed, my panic flys high...

I'm tryin to calm him,
I better pet her,
Now I start to question why...

How did this happen,
Why did i think that,
This would be a smooth day,

It never happens,
I'll try tomorrow, 
It could be worse,
Like they say. 

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