Sunday, April 30, 2017


Speakin' wizdom to a fool, is like
Tryin' to beat the echo of your own voice,
Yellin' at a deaf man,
Wringing out denim by hand, 
Running under water,
Doin' cartwheels downstairs, 
Caring for someone who hates you,
Brushing teeth then drinking orange juice, 
Long trips on no sleep,
Wet socks in winter boots,
Dice without dots,
Unsweetened sugar,
Gloves without fingers,
One way street at a dead end,
Mowing grass in the rain,
Unicycle without a seat,
Fool's gold,
Diet water,
Speed reading upside down,
Vinegar without acid,
Glasses without lenses,
Clear as a color,
Stairs leading nowhwere,

An oxymoron...

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